People Are Now Selling Fortnite-Installed iPhones for Massive Prices

iPhone with fortnite feat.

If you have been following the whole App Store antitrust fiasco that Apple has been facing, then you might know that recently “Fortnite” developers, Epic Games sued Apple for their App Store policies. The game company filed the lawsuit after Apple and Google removed “Fortnite” from their respective digital markets. Now, people are selling off their “Fortnite”-installed iPhones for pretty huge bucks.

Spotted by folks at iMore, a simple search on eBay brings up few listings of iPhones with “Fortnite” with an asking price of up $10,000 (~Rs 7,48,014)! Yes, you read that right.

So, after the game was removed by the Cupertino-based tech giant, people started listing iPhones that have Fortnite previously installed on them. A search on the C2C buying/selling platform reveals a few listings of “Fortnite”-installed iPhones selling for various prices.

There is a black iPhone 11 with “Fortnite” selling for $1,300 (~Rs 97,240) which seems normal in this context. However, it is a 64GB model that retails for around $699 (~Rs 52,286). Then there is a 256 GB iPhone 8 with “Fortnite” that comes for $5,000 (~Rs 3,74,007). And then comes the one with the insane $10,000 price tag.

iPhone with fortnite 1
Via: iMore

Now, it is needless to say that getting one of these is pointless. It is because you won’t be getting any updates for the game. And we all know Epic rolls out updates for “Fortnite” quite often to add various events, emotes, or cosmetic items.

Moreover, it is not even confirmed that “Fortnite” is gone from the digital markets for good. So, to people who are selling these already-expensive devices for the humongous prices, good luck getting a buyer!

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