The Very First Users of Snapchat’s Redesigned Stories and Chat Hate It


Snap had earlier revealed that it will be doing a complete redesign of its app Snapchat. The new design brought about several new features, including an all-new “Dynamic Friends” page and a better Discover section. The team was also considering adding a three-second ad format.

While the ad-section is still in the works, the team has rolled out the official update to users in Australia, Canada, and the U.K., with beta tests amongst users worldwide. Unfortunately, early reports suggest rage amongst the first adopters.

The main idea behind the all-new Snapchat was to make the app easier to use and therefore inspire more engagement from new and old users. The biggest changes in the app include adding more algorithms and removing the Stories page. All friends’ Stories are now available on the left side of the app and are listed by frequency of conversation, not necessarily chronologically. Furthermore, the Discover page now includes celebrities and sections of Snap Maps.

As reported by Mashable, many users have taken it to Twitter to express their anger over the new UI. According to the majority of users, people have found it difficult to find stories of people you want to see. Since it is not available in any chronological order, users are left confused as to how to operate the app.

A simple search for “Snapchat update” on Twitter results in thousands of results by angry and frustrated users.

There are of course people standing on the other side of the aisle who do say that the new UI has a learning curve that you can get accustomed, the majority of the reviews are negative towards the new UI. As such, there is no way to revert back to a previous version of the app.

Currently, the update has already been rolled out to a select few countries only. While there is no word on when it will make its way to the U.S. (where the app has the biggest user base) and other countries, the official Twitter handle has stated that the update is definitely imminent.

That being said, considering the current response from the user base, I advise you to hold on to your current version of the app and not update the app. Still, in case you wish to update to the latest UI, make sure to comment down below with your reactions to it.

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