pCloud Christmas Day Sale: Get the Family Lifetime Plan at Just $400 (71% Discount)

If you have been waiting to buy a lifetime cloud storage plan, this would be the best time. pCloud is offering a massive 2TB family plan at a 71% discount during this Christmas sale. pCloud is one of the most trusted and reliable cloud storage providers in the business, and you get a lifetime plan at just a one-time payment of $400. No monthly or yearly subscription is needed, and you can share the storage with up to five members. Before we learn more about pCloud’s holiday discount deal, let’s go through its best features.

Best pCloud Features

Massive Storage

pCloud’s best feature is that it offers a huge 2TB (2000GB) data pool to users, which you can share with a total of five family members. Not to mention, there is no monthly or yearly subscription as it’s a lifetime plan. Just make a one-time payment, and you are done. Rarely in the cloud storage space, you would find a storage provider offering a 2TB lifetime plan at an unbeatable price of $400 flat. But well, it’s the holiday season, and pCloud is generous to offer such an attractive Christmas sale deal to users.

pCloud Christmas Day Sale: Lifetime Plan with 71% Discount

On top of that, unlike other providers, pCloud does not put any restriction on file size. No matter how large your media asset is, you can effortlessly upload it on pCloud without any speed throttling. pCloud does not limit the upload or download speed from the server-side, which is a big bonus for anyone looking to store a large amount of data on the cloud. And yes, pCloud also allows you to assign a specific amount of cloud storage to your family members.

Intuitive File Management

pCloud has designed its web interface and apps in such a neat way that anyone can locate the file and share it with ease. The company has focused on UI design to make file management and accessibility a breeze. For instance, there is a huge search bar you can use to find just about any file. And if you want to perform an advanced search, you can do so using file format filters. That’s amazing, right?

pCloud Christmas Day Sale: Lifetime Plan with 71% Discount

Other than that, if you right-click on a file, you have all the options, including sharing, playing videos, previewing an image, password protection, moving the file to trash, and more. In tandem, you get all the basic and advanced menus right at your fingertip.

Accessible From Everywhere

The most important aspect of cloud storage is accessibility. No matter which platform you use, either Windows, Android, iPhone, macOS, iPadOS, Linux, or the Web, you are covered everywhere. There are dedicated apps built for each platform, and you can access all your files and folders with just a click.

pCloud Christmas Day Sale: Lifetime Plan with 71% Discount

If you are using a web-centric platform like Chrome OS or Ubuntu Web, in that case too, all your files will be available from a browser. Just fire up my.pcloud.com, and you can upload, download, and perform just about any action that you can do on a dedicated app.

Military-grade Security

If you plan on storing your valuable files on the cloud, security is something you can’t compromise with. And pCloud excels at bringing ironclad security to protect your files from any kind of security breach. It uses TLS/SSL encryption while transferring files from your device to pCloud’s servers. The encryption method is used all over the web for secure communication, and pCloud employs the same high level of security.

pCloud Christmas Day Sale: Lifetime Plan with 71% Discount

And if you wish to encrypt your sensitive files with a password, you can do so with pCloud Crypto. It uses state-of-the-art AES 256-bit encryption to protect your files. No one, not even pCloud can access those files except you. Note that, if you want to use the pCloud Crypto feature, you will have to subscribe to it separately.

Excellent File Sharing

With the 2TB pCloud family plan, you will be able to share files, folders, videos, image libraries, etc., with shared links. And these shared links are customizable. You can password protect a shared link or set an expiration date. On top of that, you can create links that anyone can view, even those who don’t have a pCloud account. Basically, you will have full control over what you share from your pCloud storage.

pCloud Christmas Day Sale: Lifetime Plan with 71% Discount

Along with shared links, pCloud also lets you share folders and files so that you can collaborate with your family members. You can also control the access level by managing permissions such as View, Edit, and more.

Faster Synchronization

One of the pet peeves users have with cloud storage is that synchronization is slow, and you need to wait for a considerable time to upload the file on the cloud. But that is not the case with pCloud’s excellent block-level sync technology. Instead of the whole file, it uploads chunks of files to upload the data in a faster way.

pCloud Christmas Day Sale: Lifetime Plan with 71% Discount

Additionally, you can install its desktop client on your computer and set a drive or folder for instant synchronization. No need to wait for manual synchronization. And on mobile apps, you can simply turn on Automatic Upload, and all your media will be uploaded to pCloud in no time.

Access File History

pCloud has this excellent feature called File Versioning that lets you access previous versions of a file. If you have made changes to a file, you can go back in time and restore a particular version without losing anything. Lifetime users can rewind for up to 30 days, which is amazing. And with Extended File History, you can recover deleted data or recover file changes for up to 1 year.

Do note that Extended File History becomes effective from the date of purchases of the plan.

pCloud Christmas Day Sale: Lifetime Plan with 71% Discount

Pick pCloud Christmas Day Deal at 71% Discount

So if you plan on buying a lifetime cloud storage plan, definitely go for pCloud’s 2TB family plan at an unmatched price this holiday season. The lifetime family plan usually goes for $1400, but pCloud is offering the same plan for just $400 for a limited period of time. To get a 71% discount, you can click on the link below and sign up right now on pCloud.

Get the pCloud Christmas Deal at 71% Discount

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