Here are 8 Paid iPhone Apps Available For Free on The App Store

Here Are 8 Paid iPhone Apps Available For Free On The App Store

It’s not every day that some of the most unique and premium iOS apps that are available for free on the App Store. As everyone’s in the holiday spirit, the iOS developers are also joining the party with the one thing they can do – offer discounts on their apps. While the App Store is flooded with many discounted apps, some developers have decided to offer apps for free to iPhone users. We have compiled a brief list of paid iPhone apps which are currently available for free on the App Store. Check it out:

Free iPhone Apps on the App Store

1. UFO on Tape

UFO on Tape is a gripping game that puts you in the driving seat while you speed through the countryside and capture footage of alien UFO’s zipping through the cloudy sky above you. This is not an AR game, for those who think so, instead it shows photo-realistic graphics and your fate will be decided as you tip your toes into this alien adventure.

Download (Free, originally $0.99)

2. Time Manager

As we get closer to the end of 2017, it is possible that you are looking to better manage your time the coming year. Time Manager gives you a platform to keep track of your daily activities, showing reports on how you’re spending your time and if you’re on track or not.

Download (Free, originally $0.99)

3. Speed PRO+

Speed PRO+ is a universal GPS-based speedometer, which not only tracks your vehicle  movement in real-time but also offers you activity tracking such as step count, stair ascend/ descend count. The PRO+ version of the app will also work on your Apple iPad, in addition to the iPhone.

Download (Free, originally $1.99)

4. Like So

Like So is one of the best and innovative ideas for an iOS app. It acts as your personal speech coach and offers you fun ways to practice our verbal habits and speaking skills. You’ll find the app immensely helpful if you want to speak confidently, without a lot of hiccups.

Download (Free, originally $0.99)

5. Pizza Compass

You may not be able to guess what this app does on the first try but Pizza Compass is a great app that helps you locate the nearest pizza joint in your neighborhood. This is one of the most unique ideas and shows you the exact travel distance from you through a pizza-to-mouth indicator.

Download (Free, originally $0.99)

6. Meditation Studio

With the increasing stress in everyday life, people are now turning to meditation apps to find some peace on a really busy day. Meditation Studio helps you reduce stress, ease anxiety, improve sleep and boost confidence. The app offers their users a variety of teachers, topics and sounds to concentrate and chill for a while.

Download (Free, originally $3.99)

7. Blue

Blue is a minimalistic weather app that visualizes the 7-day forecast in a simple yet colorful interface. The app helps you understand the weather patterns with colors, where pink represents extremely hot and purple signifies an extremely cold weather. If you’re interested, here the complete color-temp scale:

Purple – extremely cold
Blue – cold winter day
Green – feeling cool
Yellow – room temperature
Orange – feeling warm
Red – hot summer day
Pink – extremely hot

Download (Free, originally $0.99)

8. Pic Instant Collage Live 360

Pic Instant Collage, as the name suggests, is a powerful collage maker and photo editor app that enables you to create stunning collages within just seconds. It presents you with a ton of customization options, such as layouts, stickers, fonts and more.

Download (Free, originally $1.99)

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We’re not sure of the closing date for the offer on the apps listed above, so get the ones you find interesting right away. What apps/games do you plan on installing? Let us know your picks in the comments down below.

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