Oppo X 2021 Concept Phone with Rollable OLED Screen Shown Off at INNO Day 2020

oppo x 2021 concept phone - hands-on

As teased earlier this week, Oppo has taken the wraps off a crazy concept phone with an extendable display. This concept phone is dubbed the Oppo X 2021 and includes a motorized function that helps expand the display to offer more screen real-estate.

Oppo X 2021 features a 6.7-inch flexible OLED panel with a 1175 x 2592-pixels resolution when unfolded. The company built a proprietary Roll Motor powertrain to expand this display when you swipe on the edge. You will see the frame split in half and the display starts to expand, offering a 7.4-inch screen with a 1785 x 2592-pixels resolution. You can see this in action right here:

The company calls its a rollable concept phone because the flexible display remains folded under the chassis. The powertrain, as explained on stage at the event, includes two motors to help unfurl the display uniformly to avoid any disformity. This method also ensures there are no visible folds or bends in the display – something common in foldable phones. Also, it is common knowledge that flexible OLEDs are not as rigid, so you will find a proprietary 2-in-1 plate (with a comb-like design) to support the display when it expands.

Down the road, if Oppo allows then you will be able to choose how much display you want to unroll and expand the viewing area by. This might be the reason that Oppo X 2021 is said to have a continuously variable OLED display. Further, we all know that foldable displays do not have a glass coating, so Oppo has designed a Warp Track high-strength screen laminate to add strength to the rollable display.

The company did not discuss the internal specifications of this smartphone. Oppo X 2021 is merely a concept phone to show off the new continuously variable OLED display. It can be extended at will while gaming, watching videos, or reading e-books. You can, however, see that there’s a lack of a selfie camera (possibly under the screen) and the presence of a 48MP-led triple rear camera setup.

Apart from Oppo, other phone makers such as TCL and LG are also said to be working on devices with a rollable display. LG is back to experimenting with form factors. The LG Wing is just the start of the company’s Explorer project, which will see the addition of Project B (the rollable phone) sometime in March 2021. So, stay tuned to see more foldable form factors pop-up in the coming year.

Featured Image Courtesy: Weibo/ Oppo

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