Oppo Find X3 arrives next year with 10-bit color support

Oppo Find X3 with True 10-Bit Color Support for Camera & Display Arrives in 2021

Oppo Find X3 arrives next year with 10-bit color support

After showing off its crazy rollable concept phone at INNO Day 2020, Oppo has now started talking about its next flagship smartphone. It will be the Find X3 series that arrives in 2021 and we have learned about a notable feature of this smartphone. The Oppo Find X3 will be the first to arrive with a full DCI-P3 wide color gamut and true 10-bit color depth support.

Oppo labels this as its new Full-path Color Management System, where the full-path moniker means that everything from capture, storage, and the display will happen in 10-bit color. This means the device will support full DCI-P3 color gamut through and through. This is the first Android color management system to support the aforesaid standard. It will result in ‘authentic and accurate color reproduction,’ as per Oppo.

First up, the new color management system has been designed from the ground up to support 10-bit image capture and storage. Oppo’s R&D team has further improved the underlying software and hardware to preserve image fidelity. It now supports Digital Overlap (DOL) HDR sensors that simultaneously capture multiple exposures. Also, the images are stored in HEIF format – supports 10-bit color depth and smaller file size.

oppo 10-bit color depth support - find x3

Apart from the capture, Oppo added that it will need to calibrate the color accuracy of the Find X3 display and maintain a 0.4 JNCD (Just Noticeable Color Difference) level. It will finally offer true 10-bit color depth as opposed to the 8+2 model (8-bit + frame rate control) to imitate the 10-bit display used on the Find X2.

Also, Oppo will debut Color Correction Solution 2.0 built on top of the existing color correction accessibility setting baked into Android. The Chinese giant has partnered with Zhejiang University to conduct tests (with a 6000+ sample size) and develop a solution for users with color blindness. Oppo is looking to offer greater flexibility in terms of color correction settings, enabling users to tweak the display to their liking.

We will see all of these technologies and features on the Oppo Find X3 series that will make it debut sometime next year. So, stay tuned for more information.

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