Oppo Plans to Manufacture 100 Million Smartphones in India Next Year

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Oppo is reportedly looking to significantly increase its smartphone manufacturing output from India next year under the ‘Make in India’ program that offers companies massive tax-breaks and subsidies for setting up manufacturing plants in the country. According to the PTI, the Chinese tech firm is aiming to manufacture 100 million smartphones in the country by the end of 2020 and bring world-class technology to meet the needs of consumers in the country.

Oppo is also focusing on next-generation technology like 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) to drive its growth in the country. According to Oppo India’s Vice President of R&D, Tasleem Arif, “India is a promising market when it comes to the roll out of 5G. India’s new National Digital Communications Policy (NDCP) presents a positive vision for the industry and country, with the goal of creating the digital infrastructure that supports the next generation of digital services”.

The company is believed to have already started work on its 5G offerings in the country at its Hyderabad R&D facility, and according to Arif, will bring its 5G smartphones and IoT products to India as soon as 5G networks are up and running in the country. Unfortunately, however, there’s no telling when that might happen, with recent reports suggesting that it might take several years before the technology is fully deployed in the country.

Meanwhile, Oppo further announced plans to invest about $7 billion over the next three years to increase its presence in India. According to the company, its R&D efforts in the country will include “building core technologies in hardware and software as well as frontier innovations such as such as 5G/6G, big data, cloud computing and augmented reality (AR)”.

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