Opera’s Latest Update Improves Sync Between Its Android and Desktop Apps

Opera's Latest Update Improves Sync Between Android and Desktop
Image Courtesy: Opera

Opera is currently rolling out a new update to its web browser on Android (version 60) and desktop (version 71). The new update improves the sync feature and brings Opera Flow to Android.

The new sync feature uses ‘QR-code scanning’ to connect with Opera desktop available on Windows, macOS, and Linux. You no longer have to rely on inputting your login credentials to sync. Opera users can simply open opera.com/connect on their PC to scan the QR code with the QR-code reader baked into Opera for Android. Although login credentials are not mandatory, the company offers the option to link an account.

Image Courtesy: Opera

“People don’t sync their phones with their PCs because they hate the hassle of having to type in their logins and lengthy password. In the newest versions of Opera, we are making their lives much simpler: all they need to do to connect their devices is scan a QR code displayed in their desktop browser with their phone,” says Stefan Stjernelund, Product Manager of Opera for Android.

Opera is also bringing ‘Flow’ to Android. If you are not aware, Flow is the company’s end-to-end encrypted feature that lets users share files, links, images, and notes with themselves. You can send files through Flow from your phone to PC by selecting “Send to Flow” from the context menu. You can even upload files of up to 10MB, which automatically gets deleted after 48 hours.

Also being added in the new update is a new Suggested Sites feature on the home page. Suggested Sites will list your most frequently visited websites below Speed Dial. You also have the option to disable Suggested Sites in browser settings. To get started right now, update to the latest version and share files easily between your phone and desktop.

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