Nothing Teases Its First Product ‘Concept 1’ and Shares 3 Key Design Principles

nothing concept 1 TWS earbuds

Former OnePlus CEO and co-founder Carl Pei has created a ton of buzz around its new venture called Nothing. The company has been sharing minimal details about its roadmap. It aims to bring a seamless connection between modern technology and human beings with its products. Following the announcement, Pei had revealed that their first product will a pair of wireless earbuds, launching later this summer. Now, the company has shared a prototype of its first product to tell people about its design principles.

Dubbed as “Concept 1”, it is essentially a dummy product that shows the vision of the company in terms of product design. That means it will not ship to consumers. It has merely been shared to give consumers an idea about the company’s design principles. Now, coming to the prototype product, it’s developed with three key principles in mind – Weightless, Effortless, and Timeless.

3 Key Design Principles of Nothing

Speaking about the “weightless” aspect, the company says that it aims to “peel off everything superficial, like unnecessary branding on the surface, to focus solely on what adds true value to the user experience.” Further, Nothing says it has spent as much time thinking about what they can remove from a product as what they can add to it.

Coming to the “effortless” principle, the company says that it wants its products to be “intuitive, obvious, and natural”. As a result, during the development process, the company works on “countless millimeter and pixel iterations.” Then, they use these iterations to create a product that will simplify the user experience “until everything feels effortless”.

The last design principle which the company is following is to make their products “timeless”. This essentially means that Nothing will take design cues from products and objects that have existed for generations and still feels modern. For instance, to develop Concept 1, the company took inspiration from “a grandmother’s tobacco pipe.”

So, these are the three key principles that Nothing will rely upon to designs its upcoming products. Pei says that his team has been following these principles to develop its products, which will launch sometime in the summer of 2021.

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