Nokia 6.1 Plus Review: The New Budget Phone to Buy?

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  • Hash says:

    That’s a great review and as I’m completely outbursted by the fact that Xiaomi is ruling over India, I’m in a decision to buy the 6.1Plus ( lol)

  • Rajee says:

    Hi there… How is the Loudspeaker quality of 6.1plus compared to realme 2 pro regarding loudness and vocals… Thnx

  • Visitor says:

    Audio analysis was missing though, otherwise a very neutral review.

    BTW, the Mi A2 lacks a 3.5mm port, doesn’t offers any better battery life nor does it shines bright enough to be legible outdoors. Hmm.. not an alternative by any stretch, eh ?

    But to each its own.

    • Akshay Gangwar says:

      Hello Visitor,

      While I agree that the Mi A2 lacks a 3.5mm port, and doesn’t really offer any better battery life. However, in my usage, the Mi A2 does have a brighter display than the 6.1 Plus; the cameras on the Mi A2 are a lot better, and the metal build is definitely better than the glass build on the Nokia 6.1 Plus, especially considering that it doesn’t have wireless charging anyway.

      But yes, to each their own indeed.

  • Roadster says:

    RN5Pro or Nokia 6.1Plus?

  • Lallu Sharma says:

    Good review…

  • Anu Modi says:

    This Is The Actual Come Back Of Nokia With X6.

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