Netflix’s One Piece Live Action Gets a Fresh Update from the Manga Creator

one piece live action - everything you need to know

It’s been a while since Netflix’s One Piece live-action was announced, and we already know a fair bit about the show, including its cast, the setting, and more. However, One Piece manga author Eiichiro Oda has unexpectedly sent a new message to his fans, and it’s everything we have ever wanted. We are in the final stages of getting the Netflix series in our hands. So, continue reading to learn what information Oda sensei shared in his most recent message to fans.

Eiichiro Oda Shares Exciting News for One Piece Netflix Series

Oda has updated his official announcement on the Netflix One Piece live-action via his Twitter account. He has discussed the difficulties and problems he and the crew have gone through in order to present the best possible experience to the fans. Additionally, Oda said that now is the perfect time to present his creation One Piece to the world before his life completes (jokingly). He has always wanted to do this. Therefore, he has been overseeing everything to ensure that One Piece is delivered in the best-intended manner. It should be recalled that he first consented to the live-action in 2016; afterward when pre-production work began.

The crucial part of this message is when Oda mentions that Netflix confirmed to him that they will launch Netflix’s One Piece live-action this year, in 2023, as previously indicated. In addition, they have promised Oda sensei that they won’t air the show until he is completely satisfied with the outcome (as it seems Oda wasn’t happy with the westernization in some instances). We are hopeful that their years of effort will pay off soon and that the show will air shortly.

Last but not least, Oda reveals that the show is currently in its final stages of production and that there will be “8” episodes in the One Piece live-action series on Netflix. The series is expected to start airing shortly. You can read the complete message below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the One Piece live-action?

One Piece live-action by Netflix is scheduled to release in 2023. We will get a trailer very soon.

Which arc is One Piece live-action?

The One Piece live-action series’ first season appears to cover the first One Piece saga up to the Loguetown arc.

Is One Piece coming to Netflix India?

The One Piece anime isn’t available in India at this moment. But we will be getting the One Piece Live Action day one here.

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