Sweet Tooth Ending Explained: Does Humanity Get Rid of the Sick?

Jeff Lemire’s creation, Sweet Tooth, takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity is being washed by the deadly virus called “The Sick.” We get to meet some adorable hybrid kids, including the deer-boy Gus and the pigtail Wendy. We also meet some interesting humans, such as Jepperd and Becky. In the final season, we see Jepperd and Becky hunted by Helen Zhang and her army. Sweet Tooth ended with a lot more bloodshed and action than we got to witness in the previous seasons. If you’re confused about what happened in the end, here we have explained the ending of Sweet Tooth Season 3.

Do Humans Get Rid of The Sick in Sweet Tooth Finale

Jepp from Sweet Tooth
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Yes, humans indeed get rid of the virus. Season 3 revealed that the cure for “The Sick” would be found in the cave where everything started. We learned that it was an explorer named Thaker who created this virus, so everyone looked forward to reaching there. Dr. Singh saw a dream that he would accompany Gus to the cave, so he joined the deer-boy and Jepp.

However, after gaining possession of Thaker’s diary, he betrayed the duo and joined Helen Zhang instead. Siana’s fox-hybrid daughter, Nuka, helps Gus find a way out so that Zhang and her evil army cannot harm him.

On the way, Gus gets attacked by Rosie’s fox-hybrid sons, but he is saved by Munaq, who takes him straightaway to his cabin, where he reunites with Birdie. After some time, Jepp also finds them, and the trio heads toward the cave to find the cure for the virus that Birdie has been looking for several years. After reaching the cave, they see the purple flowers everywhere, but soon, they realize that they are frozen, so it is safe for Birdie and Jepp to get in.

Soon, Zhang, Dr. Singh, and their army arrive, and they capture Gus and Jepp. Helen Zhang asks Dr. Singh to kill Gus without wasting more time. Before the doctor can kill the little boy, Jepp jumps in to save the boy, but he and Gus remain unharmed as Birdie comes in between and takes the damage. She couldn’t survive the attack and died. Dr Singh gets anxious as killing Birdie was never part of the plan.

After that, Gus starts saying that he believes humans do not deserve to live as they are selfish and can’t think about anyone else except themselves. Zhang gives the knife to Dr. Singh and asks him to finish the hybrid boy and get rid of the virus once and for all.

However, when she takes Rani’s name in front of Dr. Singh, his mind changes, and he thinks of attacking Zhang’s army instead of Gus. Seeing the situation getting out of hand, Zhang takes out the axe from the mystical tree, extracting the sap.

However, she didn’t know that doing this would only worsen things. Every human starts getting affected by the virus. Seeing Jepp in that situation, an infuriated Gus cuts his hands and mixes his blood with the liquid that comes out of the tree. He then goes to another world where he meets Pubba. He talks to Pubba until the big man asks him to return to the real world. Coming back, he instantly sets the mystical tree on fire, and that way, every human gets free from “The Sick.”

Dr. Singh Realizes His Mistake

Dr. Singh from Sweet Tooth
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Dr. Singh worked for the Last Men when he and his wife were abducted from their residence. He also killed Roy, the lizard-hybrid, to make the cure. Besides that, Dr Singh also tortured Gus during his time there. So, it was obvious to see the deer-boy, Jepp, and Becky getting frustrated after meeting him again in Season 3. Dr. Singh tells them that he had a dream where he was accompanying Gus to a Cave. He also says that he will help them during the entire ordeal.

When Zhang asks him to kill Gus in the cave and takes his wife’s name, Dr Singh realizes that he has turned into a monster, so he helps Gus escape. Later, he also sacrifices himself to protect the little boy.

Jepp’s Fate Remains Uncertain

Jepp from Sweet Tooth
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Even though everyone survived the calamity, Jepp gets stabbed in the stomach, and nothing is made clear about his future. We see Gus and him sitting and talking about the future that Gus has dreamt of. The deer-boy tells him that he, Wendy, and Becky will go back to the other hybrids and build a home together where they can live in peace. In his story, we also see James Brolin as the adult Gus, who sits with his wife, Wendy, and their grandchildren.

When Jepp asks him what happened to Big Man and if he is even a part of the story, we see Gus sitting outside Pubba’s cabin and Jepp bringing Maple syrup for him. They both smile at one another while taking the first sip. Now, we don’t know if it’s just an image of the future that Gus wants to live or if we see what happens after everyone returns from Alaska.

Humanity Ends

After coming out of the cave, Helen meets Ginger’s newborn, who is born a hybrid. So, even though the battle for the cure is over, civilization doesn’t get back to normal. Becky, Jepp, and every human, including Helen Zhang, are the last of their kind.

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