How to Breed Armadillos in Minecraft 1.21

In Short
  • To breed armadillos, you will need to find two adult armadillos in a savanna biome and two spider eyes.
  • You can get spider eyes by killing spiders, witches, and looting desert pyramid chests in the game.
  • Right-click the two armadillos with spider eyes to get them in love mode, after which a baby armadillo will spawn.

With the addition of armadillos in the upcoming Minecraft 1.21 update, you get the ability to create specialized protection for your dog in the form of wolf armor. However, these adorable animals live only in the savanna biome and can be quite rare to spot. Not only that, but they’re also quite fragile with low HP. That’s why breeding armadillos is quite important, as it will ensure you never run out of scutes. With that said, let’s see how you can breed armadillos in Minecraft 1.21 right now.

What Does the Armadillo Eat in Minecraft

Unlike camels, armadillos love an item that’s also food for the players, but it’s not a really beneficial one. Have you guessed it already? Yes, it’s the spider eyes. This food item inflicts poison effect to the players, but apparently, armadillos don’t mind. So, to breed armadillos in Minecraft 1.21, you’ll need to find two adult armadillos, as well as two spider eyes.

These items are drops from spider mobs. They only drop spider eyes when they have been slayed by the player or the tamed wolf. So, environmental damage, like fall or fire damage cannot grant spider eyes. Having looting enchantment on your sword in Minecraft will vastly increase the chances of you getting spider eyes, as well as their quantity.

Spider and a lot of spider eyes around it on the ground

Furthermore, you may also get these poisonous food items by killing witches, which by default drop up to 6 spider eyes. This quantity is also increased with looting, which can then yield up to 15 spider eyes per witch kill.

Though, if you’re not in a mood for killing mobs, you can loot chests of the desert pyramids, where you have about a 30% chance of stumbling upon 1-3 spider eyes.

Step-by-Step Process to Breed Armadillos

When you locate two adult armadillos and have obtained two spider eyes, follow the steps below to breed these mobs in Minecraft.

  • Have the spider eyes selected on your hot bar. As you will notice soon, the armadillos will start walking towards you, similarly to other breedable mobs.
  • Also, make sure you don’t sprint near the armadillos, as that will scare and force them to curl in a ball. If they are rolled up, they won’t accept food, so they cannot breed. These scary threats for armadillos also include players on mounts and undead mobs.
  • If they are not curled up and are actively looking for the spider eyes in your hand, you’re free to simply right-click them or use the secondary action button on them with spider eyes.
  • Once you do that, you’ll see heart particles appear above the armadillos, indicating they entered love mode.
  • Now, they will get close to each other, and the baby armadillo will spawn.
Breeding two armadillos with spider eyes
  • These little cuties need several minutes to grow up into an adult, but you could speed up that process if you feed it more spider eyes.
  • The two bred armadillos will also require a few minutes of cooldown before they can breed again.

That’s about it. Now you know how to breed armadillos in the game. And if you are wondering why we need to breed these mobs when we can get scutes infinitely from a single armadillo and a bunch of brushes, well, that’s because armadillos can die quite easily, especially if you’re transporting them across dangerous terrain.

So, by breeding them, you will ensure you always have a ‘back-up’ armadillo in your village. Frankly, breeding armadillos can also provide us with an army of cute baby armadillos and who doesn’t want that. With that said, stop wasting time and create your own baby armadillo army right now.

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