12 Minecraft Kitchen Ideas

Of all the things one can build in Minecraft, some love to create beautiful and functional kitchens. Are you one of the players building one out of inspiration? Well, this one’s for you. Today, we’ll share some of the best kitchen ideas, diving down into various elements. These include specific area designs and a combination of incredible tips, tricks, and building hacks. So, with that, let’s begin!

1. Campfires Underneath Furnaces

One of the main kitchen utilities is the stove. In Minecraft, those are furnaces, smokers, and blast furnaces. This hack makes them more realistic and aesthetically pleasing. Simply place the furnaces or smokers in any rotation you want and add a regular or soul campfire underneath them.

Custom stove in Minecraft

The smoke will rise through the blocks, making them seem as if they provide it. Conceal the campfires, and that’s it! You may add trapdoors attached to the furnace to cover it further. Furthermore, you may also add detector rails on top of the furnace to make it look like a hob.

2. Waterlogged Stair or a Cauldron for a Sink

What is a kitchen without water, right? One of the simplest ways to make a semi-functional sink is just to flip a stair block and waterlog it. This will provide a little blue accent to your interior build, which is a nice pop of color if you’re using mostly one resource type.

Furthermore, it’s a semi-functional sink because it has a single water source, so you cannot really refill your bucket there. However, you can still use it to infinitely refill the glass bottles.

Sink made using a waterlogged stair and a cauldron

The other design option is a cauldron filled with water. This cauldron will most likely be only aesthetic, as it’s not very useful for refilling buckets or glass bottles. One more thing you could add to your sink is a lever pointing downwards or a tripwire hook. Both of them look like taps and will fit in perfectly.

3. Simple and Complex Fridge Designs

This entry for the best Minecraft kitchen ideas is related to the fridge. It can be made in several different ways, which can suit any theme or build style you’re going for. First, it can be super simple: just a couple of white blocks and an iron door attached to them.

In addition, you can go one step further and make it two blocks wide and add decoration like a lever and a button. If you want to make a full-on complex fridge design, you can utilize banners, stairs, and other decorative blocks. This design can even be turned into a functioning fridge with droppers, which is showcased brilliantly at the beginning of this video.

Three design ideas of a fridge in a Minecraft kitchen

4. Trash Can Design

Trash cans are fairly useful in any room of your Minecraft house, though the one in the kitchen is essential. You may make this design using lava or cactus. First, place the lava or cactus on a sand block a bit below the surface. Then, you can simply conceal it with trapdoors. When you’re ready to delete items, you can open the trapdoors and throw them into the cactus or lava.

There is an even more complex design utilizing a trapped chest, dropper, and other redstone components. You can put items in a trapped chest, and once it’s closed, it’ll deactivate, allowing items to travel into the dropper, which will automatically eject them into the lava or cactus. Check out this design idea in this tutorial video.

Trash can designs using cactus and lava

5. Chair and Table Designs

Now, let’s take a look at some chair and table designs. For the chairs, you can go very simply using wooden stairs and slabs. For some extra details, you can add signs attached to chairs to give them arm and back support.

Different designs of a chair

Another idea for the back support is a door of matching wood. For the seat, you can even use minecarts, so you can physically sit in your chair. Push the slab or a stair into it, and the block and minecart will rest in the same place.

Table designs can vary from rather simple ones, such as a trapdoor or pressure plate on top of a fence, to rather grand designs, like a massive table made up of slabs and stairs. If you just want to show off, you may also make an aquarium table out of glass blocks that have colorful fish swimming inside.

Different table design ideas for a Minecraft kitchen

6. Shelves Using Trapdoors and Campfires

One of the most common and best kitchen ideas in Minecraft is also the simplest one. Place campfires on top of each other and extinguish them using a shovel. Then, frame them using trapdoors.

Shelves made up of trapdoors and campfires

The finished product looks great all on its own, but you may also place raw meat and fish on the campfires. This helps provide a pop of color. For the final touch, you can enclose the entire shelf using more trapdoors and doors to transform it into a closet.

7. Hidden Storage

Just like with any build in Minecraft, storage is of the essence. So, the more space available for you, the better. That’s why barrels are so useful. Unlike chests, they are full blocks, which you can place anywhere and also interact with from anywhere.

Simple kitchen design utilizing lots of barrels as storage

You may have barrels as part of the floor, cabinets, or almost completely hidden by a non-full block, like a chest, trapdoor, and more. This little hack is so useful and will give you lots of reasons to visit your kitchen. In addition to barrels, you may also use other storage blocks, like chests, droppers, and hoppers, if you’ve got the resources.

8. Banners as Details

Banners are incredible decorative blocks that are frequently overlooked. They can be designed in many ways to fit any purpose in your kitchen.

Simple kitchen with cabinet details made using banners

Apart from that, you may create a design for a classic modern cabinet front side, which is pretty easy to do. Check out this video for an easy tutorial. Banners do have an animation, so they don’t really stay still once you place them, but this little effect shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with them in this unique way.

9. End Rods and Froglights for Lighting

Lighting is an important part of Minecraft builds, and this kitchen hack is one of them. End rods are modern-looking blocks that fit in with the new-age aesthetic. You can combine them with lightning rods, chains, iron bars, and levers to make them pop up even more.

Lots of end rods and decorative blocks as a part of a small kitchen

On the other hand, froglights are clean light source blocks that you can place in any space, and you can even cover them using trapdoors. They come in three different colors to customize your kitchen vibe even further. If you’re going for a more medieval approach to your base and kitchen, using a lantern or soul lanterns is definitely a lot better than a torch.

10. Decorative Blocks

We’ve already covered plenty of decorative blocks you may use in a kitchen, but with this entry, we’ll list some full and non-full blocks you may scatter around for utility or aesthetic purposes. These blocks include:

These blocks can give your kitchen an extra depth and a lot more colors. So, play around with them and choose the suitable blocks for the kitchen you’re building.

Kitchen with lots of decoration ideas in Minecraft

11. Subtle Decoration Ideas

The decoration blocks are bigger details that draw attention. Now, we’ll take a look at subtle decoration ideas that provide tiny details that can change the feel of the interior. A great example is the item frames. You may place any item in them, so the opportunities are truly endless.

Not only that, but you may also turn them into invisible item frames using commands, texture packs, and mods. If you’d like to stick to vanilla Minecraft, you may also cover the frames using pressure plates. The end result will look a little quirky, but it’s fairly decent.

Apart from item frames, you may use a lot of other blocks that may or may not represent something from a real-life kitchen. Those include:

Kitchen layout with plenty of tiny details all around

12. Themed Kitchen

All the previous ideas focused on a certain feature in a kitchen, be it a fridge, storage, or decoration. The last entry is dedicated to the theme of the entire kitchen. It will depend completely on the style you’re going for in your world or in the local area. So, be sure to adjust the elements depending on the idea.

Minecraft kitchen ideas made by Eli's Art on YouTube
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Eli’s Art

If you’re making a modern city, then feel free to go crazy with all sorts of details, from using quartz blocks to end rods and modern cabinets and fridges. The colors also play a big role in your kitchen’s theme.

If you’re going for an aquatic theme, use lots of blue and cyan blocks. A nether theme, on the other hand, will require black, red, and orange blocks for your Minecraft kitchen.

With that said, you’re now ready to make the best kitchen in Minecraft with these useful and simple ideas, tips and tricks. If you’re more of an exterior builder, then make sure to check out some of the coolest things to build in Minecraft. That said, which idea is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below!

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