Minecraft 1.21 Update Officially Announced; See All the New Features

Minecraft 1.21 Trial Chambers

The Minecraft Live 2023 event happened today, and the upcoming Minecraft 1.21 update has been announced by Mojang. The next major Minecraft update is said to focus on “combat and tinkering” with the introduction of a new structure, new mob, and more. So, let’s go over all the new exciting features the Mojang team is planning on adding to Minecraft in 2024.

All New Minecraft 1.21 Features

Image Courtesy: Minecraft YouTube Channel

Note: At the time of writing, Mojang has discussed and showcased only the features listed below. The team will likely announce more and more Minecraft 1.21 features as soon as they’re ready. So, make sure to follow our Minecraft 1.21 guide, where we’ll be adding the newly mentioned features for this update.

  • Trial Chambers: The new and epic underground structure with procedurally generated rooms. At this location, you will find traps, dangers, loot chests, and rewards. This structure will be filled with exciting combat challenges you’ll love to explore with your friends.
  • Trial Spawner: These are special spawner variants that are generated inside Trial Chambers and adapt to the number of players in the location underground. They will spawn mobs in batches. Once they have been defeated, the spawner will drop loot for you and go into the cooldown phase.
  • Decorative Blocks: New decorative blocks were also showcased during the Minecraft Live 2023 event. These are possibly new tuff bricks, chiseled tuff bricks, polished tuff, copper doors and trapdoors, chiseled copper blocks, and a catwalk block.
  • Copper Bulb: It’s a new light source block that emits light level depending on the oxidation state it’s at (seen in the background in the image above). Fully oxidized emits the lowest light level and vice versa.
  • Crafter: It’s the ultimate version of the crafting table that allows you to automate crafting. You can use hoppers to pull and place the items from and in the crafter. You can also toggle the slots of its UI, so only the chosen slots can accept ingredients.
  • The Breeze: A new and playful hostile mob found in the Trial Chambers. It controls wind and is able to shoot ranged attack called “wind burst” at you, which can damage you and even interact with the blocks such as buttons and trapdoors.
  • Armadillo: The mob that won the Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 is this cute little savanna biome resident! It moves cutely and drops scutes for your friendly doggos in the game.

So, what do you think about these features coming to Minecraft? Are they going to make the game better or not? Tell us in the comments below!

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