Mark Zuckerberg Demos Meta’s Upcoming Project Cambria VR Headset’s Capabilities

meta headset demo

Meta has already confirmed that it will introduce another headset after the Quest 2 ever since it made its plans about the Metaverse clear. Those who follow the tech world would know that it’s codenamed “Project Cambria.” Now, Meta founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has shared a short clip of him trying out the upcoming headset, giving us a look at how it will function.

“Project Cambria” Will Be a High-End VR Headset

The Facebook video includes the demo called “The World Beyond” and shows how the headset will give a mixed reality experience with the help of full-color passthrough cameras, which will help in merging the real and the virtual worlds. The headset will use the company’s Presence Platform, which was introduced last year.

But, all this is done by cleverly concealing the headset. Although, an earlier teaser video of Project Cambria sort of gave us a look at what the headset will look like, and it mostly resembles the existing Oculus headset. We may see some difference once it goes official later this year. It will also be a “high-end VR experience,” so, we can expect the price to go on the higher end.

The demo video shows Zuckerberg interacting with a cartoon character and overlapping the virtual world with the real world. We can also see that the headset won’t just be for gaming; it can be used in workplaces to get things done with utmost ease, VR workout sessions will be a thing, and the horizon will only expand.

The “Project Cambria” headset will come with more advanced technologies as compared to the Meta/ Oculus Quest 2. For those who don’t know, the current headset’s passthrough cameras only show shades of black and white. A report by Protocol tells about the experience and while it isn’t “photorealistic,” it is said to be of decent quality and less jarring.

There’s also a preview video of the Presence Platform, which tells the difference between the Quest 2 headset and the upcoming one. You can check it out below.

Plus, the Presence Platform’s experience won’t be limited to the upcoming headset. Meta also plans to soon release it on App Lab for more developers to try it out. Other details regarding Meta’s future headset are still under the wraps, much like the actual design.

But, more details are expected to come along soon. So, stay tuned for that. Also, let us know your thoughts on this demo and how you feel about the whole metaverse concept in the comments below.

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