The Making of Gangnam Style [Video]

The Making of Gangnam Style VideoSouth Korean singer Park Jae-sang’s (aka PSY) latest single ‘Gangnam Style’ has now crossed 43 million views on YouTube since its release in July this year. It’s no wonder if this video crosses 78 million views mark and becomes the most viewed video on YouTube ever.

Here are some cool facts about ‘Gangnam Style’ which are worth sharing,

1.  Gangnam Style now holds Guinness World Record for being the most “liked” video in YouTube history. At the time of writing post it has been liked 3,905,613 times.

2.  Gangnam Style is the 3rd most discussed video and 8th most favorited video ever on YouTube.

3.  ‘Gangnam’ is the name of a district in south Korea where PSY was born, very few people know this.

Now here is something even more cooler than the viral video itself.  Enjoy, The making of Gangnam Style,

How much time it will take for Gangnam Style to become the most viewed video on YouTube? Just guess in comments section below the post.

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