How to Make a Redstone Repeater in Minecraft

Whether you want to make Redstone clocks or cool Redstone machines with infinite loops, Redstone repeaters are a must-have. They are a reliable Redstone component that eliminate the need for older complex Redstone clocks and loop designs. So you just need to learn how to make a Redstone repeater, and then you can freely use it directly out of the crafting table. At first, it might seem overwhelming, but if you look forward to building some of the best Minecraft farms, you will be ready to use the Redstone repeater in no time. So, let’s dive right in and explore how to craft the Redstone repeater.

Make a Redstone Repeater in Minecraft (2022)

We have covered the mechanics, items required, and the crafting recipe for Redstone repeater in this guide. Use the table below to directly skip to the crafting recipe if you have the required items.

What is a Redstone Repeater in Minecraft

Delayed Repeaters in Minecraft

A Redstone repeater is a component block that emits Redstone signals and can also delay and lock them. This component is a part of many Redstone circuits that require you to repeat the emission of signals. Every Redstone repeater has two pins on its edges and the distance between these pins defines the delay in Redstone signal emissions.

Naturally, you can find them in Minecraft biomes like jungle temples and ancient cities. But because of their easy recipe, most players rely on crafting to obtain the Redstone repeater in Minecraft.

Uses of Redstone Repeater

Locked Redstone Repeaters
Locked Redstone Repeater

You can use the Redstone repeater in Minecraft for the following purposes:

  • A repeater can transmit all the Redstone signals it receives immediately with only a 0.1 second delay.
  • If a signal travels through more than 15 blocks at a time, the Redstone repeater can repeat, as well as boost that signal to travel further.
  • Every Redstone repeater in a circuit can add a maximum of 0.5 seconds worth of delay to the signal’s emission.
  • The Redstone repeater, unlike Redstone dust, only allows signals to travel in only one direction, thus, enabling players to send uni-directional signals.
  • Moreover, you can lock Redstone repeaters to create memory circuits in Redstone machines. Though, you will only need them in complex Redstone builds.

Items Required to Make a Redstone Repeater

You need the following items to make a Redstone repeater in Minecraft:

You can smelt cobblestone blocks in a blast furnace in Minecraft to get stone blocks in no time. Alternatively, you can use a pickaxe with the silk touch enchantment to mine stone blocks directly.

Crafting Recipe of a Redstone Repeater

1. To craft a Redstone repeater in Minecraft, you first need to place three stone blocks in the middle row of the crafting area.

2. Then, you need to put Redstone dust in the middle cell of the first row with Redstone torches on either side.

Crafting Recipe of Redstone Repeater

3. You can start this recipe in the middle or the bottom row, but we have gone with the former. And remember that the placement of these items above the stone blocks can’t be changed.

How Do You Make a Redstone Repeater Loop

Redstone Dust around Repeaters

To make a Redstone loop, you have to create a rectangle of Redstone dust with two Redstone repeaters in the circuit (shown in the diagram above). Once you activate the circuit, the Redstone repeaters will start and keep sending signals in a loop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Redstone repeater not working?

Redstone repeaters only work if they are within a 15-block range from the power source and connected to it directly or with Redstone dust.

How far does a Redstone signal travel?

A Redstone signal travels up to 15 blocks, but the Redstone repeater can boost to full strength.

Craft a Redstone Repeater in Minecraft Today

Now that you know how to make a Redstone repeater in Minecraft, it’s time to expand its functionality. For that, you have to install some of the best Minecraft mods in your game. They can push your Redstone components and machine designs to levels that the developers haven’t even planned yet. Though, you can do similar stuff, within the game’s limits, with the help of some the most powerful Minecraft commands. But please refrain from using commands on the Minecraft multiplayer servers to maintain fairness. Having said that, which other Redstone component do you want to learn about? Tell us in the comments section!

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