Here is an Official First Look at Luffy’s Gear 5 in One Piece Anime

Gear 5 official image

The moment One Piece fans have been eagerly waiting for is officially here. After watching countless fan art and edits, the most awaited day is here, as the One Piece anime team has officially teased Luffy’s all-new Gear 5 technique. We all know how it’s the most hyped moment of the entire One Piece anime, and it feels amazing to finally have this manga chapter get animated. Read on to learn more about the preview of the Gear 5 powers in Episode 1071 and take a look at the brand new powers of our hero Luffy.

Official Sneak Peek of the Gear 5 Episode in One Piece Anime

While everyone was waiting for the Gear 5 episode with bated breath, the One Piece team silently dropped a surprise teaser earlier today. Without any prior announcement, they have given us a first look at One Piece Episode 1071, which will feature the peak of Luffy’s powers – Gear 5. You can read in detail about the episode in which Luffy will use Gear 5 in the anime here.

As a One Piece fan, it sure feels so good to witness the pinnacle of One Piece in official colors and the glimpse has made the whole fandom a thousand times more excited than we already were before. Here is a sneak peek of One Piece anime Episode 1071 featuring Gear 5:

Furthermore, along with the preview, the official team behind One Piece and Toei Animation Studios have confirmed the release date of the most anticipated Gear 5 episode to be August 6, 2023. This was already speculated by the whole fandom, and it has now been announced officially. So, we are only two weeks out from the historic moment that every One Piece fan dreamt of.

Luffy Shines in His Brand New Gear 5

Well, what can I say about the glimpse of Luffy’s Gear 5? It’s everything we have wanted and just like Homelander from The Boys TV show says: “And… oh, I got to tell you, it was perfect. Perfect. Everything, down to the last-minute details“. That was the honest reaction of not just me but all the fans in the world as fans are flocking to Twitter to share their reactions. We have predicted that this episode will shatter the internet and the rumbling has already begun (pun intended, AOT fans). Check out the complete YouTube teaser right here:

And that’s a wrap to our first look at the Gear 5 episode. This was a sudden surprise that I didn’t even expect from the team. But we can get the party started. We are now aboard the Luffy Gear techniques hype train and our destination is merely two weeks away. In the meantime, what do you think of this surprise? Let us know in the comments below

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