Lucky Orange Makes It Easy to Analyse Website Traffic and Increase Conversions and Sales

If you’re a business owner, or a marketer, looking to further improve your business’ growth; or whether you’re wondering why many of your website visits don’t turn into sales, it’s time you started going straight to the source and analysing what customers do on your website. Lucky Orange (visit) is one of the most popular website analysis and real-time chat tools that you can use to identify possible problem areas on your website, as well as provide direct, individual help to customers. Let’s take a look at how Lucky Orange can make your life easier, and improve your website conversion rates. 

Why Should You Use Lucky Orange?

Almost every website out there is, at the end of the day, about the people who visit them. It’s important that when a potential (or returning) customer visits your website, they end up buying something from you. 

However, in order to do that, your website needs to be well optimized to their needs. It should be easy to find things they are looking for, and your check out page and forms should not be unnecessarily complex. 

Lucky Orange helps you figure out how a visitor behaves on your website. It lets you see what visitors on your website click on, how often they fill out forms to completion, and if they drop out, why do they drop out of completing the form, and a lot more. 

Basically, Lucky Orange is a tool built to help business owners and marketing specialists to analyse their websites, and optimise them to increase conversion rates and get more sales. 

Now that you know why Lucky Orange is useful, let’s take a look at some of its salient features, and why they might be useful to your business or marketing efforts. 

Lucky Orange Features

Session Recordings

Lucky Orange brings a powerful session recording feature that lets you look at a browser session of a potential customer. This helps in analysing what a particular type of customer does on your website, the website elements they interact with, and everything else they do on your website.

Lucky Orange’s session recordings offer a ton of flexibility as well. You can view session recordings of customers that have high cart values, or those who abandoned their cart. You can even view session recordings from particular UTM parameters, as well as customer IDs.

lucky orange session recordings

There’s also “Live View”, which lets you watch a visitor in real time, as they navigate through your website right now. It’s a useful way of seeing how visitors are behaving on your website.

Furthermore, you get a well-organised timeline view of the customer’s behavior on the website, so you can quickly navigate between them; plus, it brings a handy visitor profile where you can view other recordings of the customer, or even contact them if you want to offer help.

Dynamic Heatmaps 

Lucky Orange also brings dynamic heatmaps for your website, and this is a powerful tool to analyse what visitors do the most on your website. Dynamic heatmaps highlight areas based on how often people click on them and interact with them. This can be helpful when you’re optimising your website to increase sales or conversions.

lucky orange dynamic heatmaps

Lucky Orange’s dynamic heatmaps offer a ton of power as well. For one, Lucky Orange tracks every single visit on your website to create these heatmaps, so you always get the full picture instead of just a sample-set of users.

Since the heatmaps are dynamic, you get a lot more actionable information than you would with regular static heatmaps. So, you can view engagement information for dynamic content as well, such as drop-downs, overlays, hover-overs, and other interactive elements on the web page.

Further, you can easily compare user behavior using a ton of custom variables, including date-ranges, sources of traffic, and more. And whenever you come across something that you want to discuss with your team, or share with other members, you can easily download the heatmaps and share them as well.

Conversion Funnels

Any webmaster would know that conversion funnels are incredibly important; not only to analyse where a potential customer might drop out, but also to figure out what path most customers take on your website.

Lucky Orange makes it way easier to create conversion funnels for analysis, and lets you see not only how many customers start their journey into the funnel, but more importantly, how many of them didn’t complete the entire conversion funnel and left midway.

Even better, you can even jump straight from a funnel into a session recording to get a better idea of what could have led the user to not complete the entire conversion funnel.

The tool also shows you which page has the highest number of people dropping out of the conversion funnel, so you can optimize it, or remove it altogether and hopefully increase conversions. You can also add conversion funnel data to your Lucky Orange dashboard to get quick access.

Live Chat

No matter how much you optimize your website, there’s nothing that works quite as well as a human touch when it comes to convincing potential customers to turn into actual returning customers. A good customer service and support experience is exceedingly important to build trust with clients.

That’s where Lucky Orange’s Live Chat feature comes in really handy. It offers a couple of different options for how you want to set it up on your website.

You can opt to have the live chat pop-up offer help anytime a customer visits your website. However, if you feel that it might be too annoying for most people, you can set custom rules for when the chat bubble will pop-up with a handy hint.

For example, if someone is scrolling through your FAQ page, they might be in need of assistance, and Lucky Orange’s Live Chat feature can automatically pop up a polite inquiry, asking the customer if they need any help.

You can use saved replies to quickly respond to common questions. Moreover, you can set up office hours, so visitors know if your support team is offline, and you can also archive customer chats and email a transcript to yourself if you so desire.

Form Analytics

Most websites that deal with sales of any sort have forms that a customer has to fill out. And a lot of times, visitors tend to stop filling out these forms midway due to any number of reasons. With Lucky Orange’s form analytics, you can get a clear picture of where your form is failing and why people aren’t filling it out to completion.

With form analytics, you can view heatmaps of customer interactions with your forms. Moreover, the tool highlights form fields where most visitors tend to abandon the form entirely. There’s a lot more flexibility here as well.

lucky orange form analysis

For example, you can see how long a visitor is on a page before they start to fill out the form. You can also compare the time it takes visitors to fill out different form fields, in order to analyse what might be difficult for a customer to answer.

You can also see the order in which most people fill out forms on your website, and if you have more than one form, you can see which forms perform the best.

Visitor Profiles

One of the most powerful tools that Lucky Orange offers are its visitor profiles. These are basically individual records of visitors on your website. You can watch recordings of how they behave on your website, view chat logs if they have interacted with your support team, and more.

What’s more, you can easily filter these visitors based on a number of criteria, such as the cart value, their device (desktop, mobile, etc), and even custom links if you want to see how well your ads are performing, and more.

lucky orange visitor profiles

You can also start a chat with visitors, straight from their visitor profile, if you find that they might need some help.


Tracking all of this information can be quite difficult, especially with the sheer number of customers that likely visit your website every day. But, with Lucky Orange, you get access to an easy to use, customisable dashboard that can surface the most important information right in front of you, so you can get a quick overview of how everything is going before you dive deeper with individual tools.

You can create unlimited dashboards, which makes it easier if you’re managing multiple campaigns, or if you’re handling multiple websites at the same time. Once you’ve customised your dashboard, you can just click to dive deeper into any particular segment, whether its heatmaps, visitor session recordings, or anything else.


Finally, if you’re worried about the impact of adding Lucky Orange to your website, don’t be. The Lucky Orange tracking code loads asynchronously, which means your website will not be slowed down at all, regardless of the platform you’re on.


With all of those features, the really impressive thing is that Lucky Orange starts at $0. This will get you tracking for one website, up to 500 pageviews, and unlimited heatmap data and recordings for 30 days.

If you want to track more websites as well as more pageviews, you can opt for a paid plan. These start at $10 per month, and go all the way to $100 per month for large enterprises.

lucky orange pricing model

All of these plans offer unlimited heatmaps and visitor session recordings up to 30 days. However, if you want to keep your data for longer, you can set that up when you’re subscribing. If you want to give it a try before subscribing, Lucky Orange offers a 7 day free trial that doesn’t even require you to provide a credit card.

Optimise Your Website and Increase Sales with Lucky Orange

As you can probably tell, Lucky Orange is a fairly powerful tool. Whether it’s dynamic heatmaps, session recordings, custom conversion funnels, or any of the other powerful analytics tools it offers, Lucky Orange can make it easy for you to analyse your website traffic and perfectly optimise your website to increase sales and conversions. Plus, you can start using the service for free.

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