Even a Mouse Now Has an AI Button, Thanks to Logitech

In Short
  • The AI craze gets a new hardware addition as Logitech has launched the M750 Signature AI Edition mouse.
  • The mouse includes a dedicated AI button and opens the company's newest AI app, Logitech Prompt Builder.
  • The Prompt Builder comes with native ChatGPT integration and custom shortcuts that can help you talk to the chatbot faster.

When I first began covering AI at Beebom, I had little idea it would grow so big and be integrated into everyday products. While ChatGPT kickstarted the consumer AI revolution, products such as the Humane AI Pin and rabbitAI have made AI into something much more. Just when I was barely getting used to the idea of Microsoft adding a dedicated Copilot Key to Windows laptops, we got something new. Now it seems even peripherals aren’t safe, thanks to Logitech.

You heard that correctly: Logitech is coming out with a mouse that packs a dedicated AI button. That’s right, the new Logitech M750 Signature AI Edition has a button you can press to launch the new Logitech Prompt Builder, a new free app found in the company’s Logi Options + app.

While the mouse itself is kind of special with an AI key, the Logitech Prompt Builder is the real deal.

The Power of ChatGPT in the Palm of My Hand

As much as I love using AI as the next person, I hate opening a fresh browser tab for ChatGPT every time I need to look something up. Logitech’s Prompt Builder eliminates this hassle altogether.

After a quick download, I only needed to assign a mouse key to the shortcut, and there I was. Yeah, getting the mouse with the dedicated AI button isn’t essential. Use your existing Logitech mouse to get ChatGPY in the palm of your hand.

The app acts as a chatbot interface for the ever-popular ChatGPT chatbot. It does that by opening a neat pop-up window that you can use to talk with the bot and do so much more. All I needed to do was select the text and Prompt Builder auto-pasted it! But that’s not what this is about.

  • Logitech Prompt Rephrase
  • Even a Mouse Now Has an AI Button, Thanks to Logitech

Besides calling upon the friendly AI bot, Prompt Builder comes with Recipes. These are essentially pre-set prompts you can feed to ChatGPT along with your text. I had my fair share of fun with the four recipes, which let me rephrase paragraphs, rewrite them, create and reply to emails, and even create bullet points.

Even a Mouse Now Has an AI Button, Thanks to Logitech

To let creativity flow, the app also comes with the option to create custom recipes that will take your prompt, input, and parameters so you can talk to ChatGPT. While some folks out there had a problem with opening the Prompt Builder on their systems, I thankfully had no such issues on my MacBook. That naturally resulted in me opening ChatGPT much more in an hour than I had in the last year alone!

Hold Up, Do We Need This (Hardware Innovation) Though?

I’ll be honest with you. AI, for me, holds a decent amount of value. While I do appreciate having chatbots instruct me on the best ways to write (I could use some tips), I’m also a big proponent of human creativity. Yes, I know this argument is as old as time. And while Logitech’s Prompt Builder does bring AI quite literally to our fingertips, I can’t help but feel it’s a bit too much.

Of course, that won’t stop them, as the new M750 AI Edition is already out and retailing for $49. While you can get it right now, you can try your luck with the Logitech Prompt Builder if you have a compatible mouse. The company hasn’t released a full list of compatible mice, but it works perfectly fine on my Logi M337.

What do you think about Logitech having a mouse with an AI button? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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