LOC Firings Given Complete Opposite Information In India-Pakistan Newspapers

With the recent LOC firings taking its effect on the social media of India as well as Pakistan; one just wonders as to what information would have prompted the people from both the nations to react like this. India’s media is still in the developing stage whereas Pakistani media has always suffered from credibility crisis. What might come as a surprise to a lot of people is the fact that the story of LOC ceasefire violations has been given a completely different perspective not only in terms of opinion but also in the information so provided by the leading newspapers of both the country.

The contrasting headlines from both the nations are as follows:-

Headlines from Leading Indian Newspapers

  • The Times of India: Pakistan continues to violate ceasefire along LoC
  • Indian Express: Pakistani Rangers again resorted to unprovoked mortar shelling and heavy firing on BSF posts all along International Border (IB)
  • Firstpost: Shelling and firing by Pakistani troops continuing to claim civilian lives in Jammu and Kashmir

Headlines from Leading Pakistan Newspapers

  • Dawn: LoC violation: Indian firing kills 2 Pakistani civilians in Sialkot
  • Tribune: Indian Troops’ unprovoked heavy firing across LOC
  • PakObserver: India has been violating ceasefire over the past few days and the toll has reached to seven

As Pakistan was buzzing with the fact that GEO news (one of the most prominent news channels in Pakistan) wasn’t showing anything on LOC ceasefire violations; it led to a lot of Twitter trends like #GoNawazGo and #BoycottIndia. On the other hand, India’s primetime debates on news channels had guests from Pakistan that were pointing to the same fact that India was trying to give false information to the public.

Since, the situation isn’t just about political deadlock anymore. Few reasons from these people make you believe that this war like situation is bad ploy not only by Pakistan but India as well strategically as well as personally.

There was a common Reddit thread in both India as well as Pakistan portal that discussed this prevailing situation. The comments are not only informative but is a rare display of solidarity from the people of India as well as Pakistan. Here are a few voices from the common men of both India and Pakistan; a voice that usually goes unheard in both these countries.

Opposite Information in India-Pakistan Newspaper

Opposite Information in India-Pakistan Newspaper


Opposite Information in India-Pakistan Newspaper


Opposite Information in India-Pakistan Newspaper


Opposite Information in India-Pakistan Newspaper

So, what is your take on the LOC ceasefire violations? The comments section awaits you.

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