Check Out LG’s Virtual Showroom for IFA 2020

LG virtual showroom feat.

After the cancellation of some of the major in-person events due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the IFA 2020 became the first physical event that took place in Berlin from September 3. So as it was a highly restricted and invite-only event, LG created a virtual showroom to showcase its IFA 2020 lineup to enthusiasts and consumers.

Now, LG did participate in the Internation Funkausstellung (IFA) event. However, as there was a limit to the number of guests per day, the company made this virtual showroom to show off its tech to more people from around the world. So, those who could not attend the event can easily go to the virtual showroom to see what LG has shown off in the event.

The announcement for the virtual showroom came via an official blog post from LG. And according to the post, the Seoul-based electronic giant created the virtual showroom by creating “a realistic rendering of Hall 18 of Messe Berlin (down to the local time and local weather)”.

In this virtual hall, you can roam around various 360-degree spaces, each filled with LG’s new innovative home, gaming, and utility products. Once inside a room, you can find a “+” icon or an “i” icon. Clicking the “i” icon reveals more information about a specific product, while the “+” icon starts an immersive presentation of showcasing the tech.

However, the highlight of this virtual showroom is the series of LG’s new OLED displays. Especially a new “OLED New Wave” series that includes all kinds of flexible and rollable displays. And we all know that, apart from making earphones with a self-cleaning case and battery-powered face masks, the company is heavily investing resources to improve its rollable displays.

As a result, this “OLED New Wave” features “an array of flexible screens that delivers a dramatic demonstration of LG OLED’s unrivaled picture quality and ability to assume unique form factors”.

So, if you want to see what LG is about to bring to the market in the near future and what the company is going showcase in the upcoming IFA event, then quickly head over to the LG virtual showroom and explore the space for some really immersive experiences. This will be live throughout September. So if you cannot complete the tour in one go, then you can always come back to finish it later.

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