LG Magnit is a New Crazy 163-Inch 4K microLED TV

LG magnit feat.

Over the past few years, we have seen some pretty insane TVs, mainly from LG. Each year at CES, the South Korean electronic giant unveils it’s new and innovative TVs queued for the consumer markets. Now, the company has unveiled a massive 163-inch 4K TV that uses microLED technology.

Dubbed as “LG Magnit”, it is the first TV from LG that comes with microLED technology. And with the use of this new pixel-tech, the company aims to deliver a rich and immersive experience for the viewers while watching content on that giant screen.

Now, as you can tell by the size of this TV, it is not made for your living room or bedroom. Rather, LG aims to deliver these massive devices specifically to major companies, museums, and hotels as the size of the TV perfect huge rooms like boardrooms, halls, and conference rooms.

Coming to the TV itself, the “LG Magnit” comes with support for 4K resolution and is powered by the Alpha AI processor. It runs on LG’s webOS software to carry out the various in-device functions and provide an intuitive UI for interacting with the TV.

The screen of the “LG Magnit” comes with a black coating that reduces reflections and improves the viewing angles. Moreover, LG says that it will also help the consumers to clean to surface of the TV screen easily and quickly.

Now, as LG is aiming to sell these bad boys to business and industrial customers, the price and availability of the TV is kind of out-of-reach for the general consumers.

You can check out all about the “LG Magnit” on the company’s official website.

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