Lexus Unveils Concept Images of Lunar Vehicles for Humans

Lexus lunar mobility concept
Credits: Lexus Newsroom

Ever wondered how space vehicles would look like if humans start living on the Moon? Designers at the European Advanced Design Studio for Toyota and Lexus did and they look super futuristic.

Toyota’s design team made a total of 7 concepts for the Document Journal, an art & fashion magazine. The lunar vehicle concepts borrow a few design cues from Toyota’s recent Lexus LF-30 Electrified concept car.

“The lunar project came at the right time, half way through the LF-30 development. It gave the team a chance to dream further out, and then apply some of the design language from the LF-30 interior to their lunar proposals.”, said Ian Cartabiano, President of ED2 in a prepared statement.

Out of the seven concept sketches from five designers, the Document Journal selected Zero Gravity, a magnetically levitated single-seater vehicle capable of smoothly gliding over the lunar surface at about 500 kilometers per hour. Take a look at the concept vehicle below.

Lexus Zero Gravity Concept
Credits: Karl Dujardin / Lexus Newsroom

Other concepts include Lexus Cosmos – a glass shaped vehicle designed for both space and lunar transportation, Bouncing Moon Roller – a flexible graphene nanotube bubble to jump and roll anywhere in the lunar surface, Lexus Lunar Cruiser – a multipurpose vehicle capable of turning 90 degrees, Lexus Lunar Mission – a vehicle to fly people from Earth to Moon, Lexus Moon Racer – a recreational glass bubble vehicle, and Lexus Lunar – a massive transport vehicle with six wheels.

You can find the concept images of all the other six lunar vehicles in the gallery below.

So, which concept vehicle on the list interests you the most? Do not forget to let us know in the comments.

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