You Can Answer Calls and Snap Selfies with Levi’s Smart Jacket

levi jacquard jacket

Levi’s has collaborated with Google for its lineup of smart denim jackets featuring Google’s Jacquard tech. The jacket comes with some cool smart features that will definitely interest you.

The jacket has touch controls for controlling music playback. This way, you can easily play, pause and skip music tracks. There’s more, when the gesture is triggered, the jacket takes selfies from your phone’s camera. You can also specify Google Assistant commands that you would need the most and trigger it on the go.

When you get a phone call, the tag lights up and vibrates in order to notify you. All these are made possible by the Bluetooth enabled tag that is attached to the jacket paired to your smartphone.

The feature I liked the most is “Always Together”. When enabled, you will be getting an alert when your phone goes out of range from the jacket. A useful way to make sure you have not forgotten your phone before leaving outside. Also, it will be helpful to know if your phone has got stolen moments back.

Google believes that the Jacquard lineup of products will make the life of people easier by reducing distractions while staying connected. “The vision behind this is ambient computing and the idea of ambient computing is very opposite to the idea of the phone. The idea is that your functionality has multiple touch points, and you can access the same features, but from many different things.”, says Ivan Poupyrev, project lead of Jacquard.

The jacket is available for men and women in light, medium, and dark shades. The price starts at $198 and goes all the way up to $248 for the “Sherpa variant”. So, what do you think of these smart denim jackets? Let us know in the comments.

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