LetsTrack Premium Vehicle GPS Tracker Review: Complete Control Over Your Car’s Safety

The ideas of cars as personal modes of transport has changed many shapes since its inception. The utility of cars has gone from status symbols to mere conveyances to eventually reach a rank of objects of admiration and love. Well, even if you don’t love your car more than your spouse or want to be buried with it like a pharaoh, there’s no harm in ensuring the safety of your vehicle and that’s why we’re taking a look at an extremely useful product today. LetsTrack Premium GPS tracker serves for a variety of functions, ranging from tracing the location of your car, bike, or a heavier vehicle to evaluating the performance of the engine to rating the driver’s caliber for safe driving.

Besides the GPS equipment, LetsTrack Premium (Rs 8,999) also features cellular connectivity which helps transmit data to the official app and even tracking the vehicle in cases of emergency. After using the tracker for over three weeks, here are what my opinions are about its capacity as well as the areas where it requires improvements. Besides this, LetsTrack Premium also comes with the assurance of being Made in India, ensuring that you won’t have to pay exuberant prices for the device or the services with a guarantee of easily accessible after-sales services.

Letstrack Premium Vehicle GPS Tracker Review

So let’s track all of the good and not-so-good features that the device has to offer, starting with what you get inside the box.

Box Contents

Letstrack Premium Vehicle GPS Tracker Review

Here’s what the packaging for the LeTstrack premium carries:

  • LetsTrack Premium GPS tracker unit
  • A host of different connecting wires
  • Flyers and leaflets informing about LetsTrack and its services
  • SOS Button


LetsTrack will be responsible for the installation of the device on your vehicle and an engineer will be assigned for this installation. In case of my car, a hatchback, the device was installed under the steering wheel near the fuse box. The engineer will also ensure that the SIM card inside the device, which is essential for cellular connectivity, is activated.

LetsTrack Premium Vehicle GPS Tracker Review: Complete Control Over Your Car’s Safety
SOS button

The quality of this installation is top-notch and there is no obtrusive wires or loose ends hanging out. This also ensures that any burglar trying to rob you or steal your car has no idea of the protective equipment inside it. There is also a tiny SOS button which can be attached to a convenient position and we’ll see its utility in the coming sections. There’s no cutting of company-fitted wires, so you can always take the tracking unit out if it’s not needed anymore.

Overall, I’m quite impressed by the engineer’s finesse and the overall process takes around 30-45 minutes, which is easily bearable.


The LetsTrack Premium GPS tracker excels at offering a variety of highly useful tracking features which can be accessed directly from the official app. The LetsTrack app is free to download on Android and iOS. Not only for this particular vehicle GPS tracker, the app also serves as a central hub for all tracking devices made by the company including personal, child, or pet trackers.

Letstrack Premium Vehicle GPS Tracker Review

On the landing page, you can get an overview of all of your vehicles using LetsTrack devices in a collective as well as a dashboard view. While the former gives you details about all of your vehicles in a list view, dashboard mode allows you to see a snapshot of all of all the connected vehicles, segmented on the basis of moving, parked, or idling vehicles.

  • Live Tracking

By tapping on the vehicle status, you can enter the control hub for each vehicle where you can monitor the status of the vehicle and control settings that affect it. This page is in a map view where you can see the current location of your vehicle, irrespective of whether it is actually parked or moving. This page has three major sections – the top bar, the sidebar, and the bottom bar, each of which has many options for monitoring the performance of your vehicle.

On the top, you see real-time information about the current speed, status of the AC as well as the ignition. You also get the option to view nearby amenities like petrol pumps, repair or service centers, ATMs etc. Besides this, you can toggle the history of your vehicle’s status from the last one month and save places of interest. Lastly, there’s a refresh button in the top bar to get updated information about the car if that does not happen automatically.

Letstrack Premium Vehicle GPS Tracker Review

In this mode, you also get a slew of options to track and ensure the safety of your vehicle. You can browse through the available options by tapping on the dual arrow in the bottom right corner of the screen. Let me address each one by one.

  • Parking Mode

Letstrack Premium Vehicle GPS Tracker Review

By taping on the first button in the bottom bar, you can assign a parking zone for your vehicle and you’ll be alerted if the car leaves the area. This also includes a tow-away warning to inform you that your vehicle might have been towed away for unsafe or unauthorized parking – not we recommend you to do that, anyway.

  • Navigate to Car

You can now let go of the anxiety related to remembering your parking spot. This feature lets you find your car by showing you a path. Selecting this option directs you to the geographical coordinates of where your vehicles currently are. However, the feature should only work where there is strong GPS as well as cellular connectivity.

Letstrack Premium Vehicle GPS Tracker Review

The option redirects you to Google Maps to help you find the most suitable route. One limitation is that it can show you the GPS coordinates of the car with respect to only a particular instant and not in case of a moving vehicle. Although it is admissible that you’re highly unlikely to be engaged in a car chase, the feature could be useful while having to follow another vehicle from the fleet you own.

The seventh option on the sidebar also speaks out the location of the car just in case you need some auditory aids in finding the car.

  • Trip Keeping

By clicking on the third icon in the sidebar, you can start and stop a trip, just in case you want to keep an exact account of the distance traversed and the elapsed during this trip. While it is mostly of use to private taxis and similarly serviceable vehicles, you may also use it in case you want to keep your expenses clocked and maintain a good running condition of the vehicles.

Letstrack Premium Vehicle GPS Tracker Review

These trips can be viewed in a list format by tapping on the Trip History button at the bottom. By tapping on an individual entry, you can learn details about each trip including the distance, start and ending time, as well as respective locations.

  • Engine Immobilizer

As gear and steering locks have become older and easily impregnable techniques, more and more vehicles are coming with inbuilt immobilizers which cut off fuel in case a false key is used. But if you’re car does not already have the feature or if you want it at the ease of your fingertips, you can tap on the fourth icon on the sidebar to cut off your engine from the ignition.

Letstrack Premium Vehicle GPS Tracker Review

Once the option is switched on, the car simply won’t start, leaving anyone trying to steal the car perplexed and frustrated. And while I would not recommend this, the feature can even be used to pull a prank or trick anyone into believing that your car has broken down.

  • Anti-Theft Mode and Stoppage Alerts

In case you’ve parked your car in an unsafe location, you can tap on the ninth option on the sidebar or select Anti-theft alarm within the engine cutoff prompt. When the feature is active, the robbery alarm on your vehicle will automatically go off if anyone tries to unlock or start the car.

Letstrack Premium Vehicle GPS Tracker Review

Since there is no way to determine the real owner of the car, make sure you switch off the mode before unlocking the car, else it will go off anyway and annoy the hell out of you.

  • Safe Zones

Letstrack Premium Vehicle GPS Tracker Review

You can assign safe zones for your vehicle using the “Zone” button in the bottom bar. You can define the limits of the zone and every time your vehicle enters or leaves the zone, you’ll be notified on your smartphone. This is useful if you don’t want anyone including kids or your chauffeurs driving around without your permission.

  • Usage History

The History tab on the bottom bar as well as the dedicated button on the top helps you learn about your vehicle at regular intervals, in both list view and map view. Here you can trace the path of your journey, see the speed at which the vehicle was being driven, and the time it was there.

You can also choose to view your trip in a video mode if you treasure the reminiscing the journey. Above is an example of what the map mode looks, with your history played at 4x speed.

  • Driver Rating

By tapping the last option in the sidebar, you can view statistics about the behavior of the driver. The device is capable of detecting any reckless braking, rash or zig-zag driving, sudden accelerations, and the top speed you’ve reached.

Letstrack Premium Vehicle GPS Tracker Review

The app rates the driver with ratings between 0 and 1000 points based on their ability to ensure the safety of the vehicle and passengers. Ratings below 700 suggest that you need to improve your driving style or perhaps hire a new driver. As you can see, the algorithm judges me to be a law-abiding driver (a halo just popped over my skull). The 4 points are probably deducted because I gently nudged the speed limit, which is 60kmph at most places in Delhi.

  • Value

By tapping on the rightmost button in the bottom bar, you can fetch details about the value availed by the driving. The version of LetsTrack Premium we have cannot meter the fuel gauge on your vehicle, so you have to enter your vehicle’s general fuel economy manually – this information is easily available in most modern cars.

Letstrack Premium Vehicle GPS Tracker Review

The page gives you a detailed view of the distance traveled, fuel consumed, and the cost of the fuel as well as the time that the vehicle ran and the average time taken per stop.

  • Notifications & SOS

Another handy aspect of the LetsTrack GPS tracker is that it sends a notification to your smartphone every time your car starts or stops. You are also notified when the vehicle enters or leaves a zone.

Letstrack Premium Vehicle GPS Tracker Review

You can also catch up to older notifications by tapping on the bell icon in the chat sub-menu. You can also add contacts who will also be notified every time a notification related to your vehicle is generated.

As for the utility of the panic button, you can add contacts who will be notified with an SOS alert if you press the panic button installed in your car. These alerts can also be sent to the police along with your location, but you will have to pay extra for the feature.

  • Contacts

Letstrack Premium Vehicle GPS Tracker Review

Within the app, you can find people from your smartphone’s contacts that are using the LetsTrack app and request them to share the location of their LetsTrack-enabled devices or share your own location with them. This can come in handy in cases of a breakdown or just for safety information.


Now that we’ve explored the most useful features on the LetsTrack app, let me highlight the level of accuracy at which our review unit operated. In terms of the GPS location, the data is pretty accurate except for areas with a thick green cover or which is underground. Overall, LetsTrack traced the vehicle’s location to an accuracy of 5 meters, which is decent.

As for the real-time updates, there is a latency of around 20 seconds, which is apparently the time in which data is sent from the device to the LetsTrack servers and then to your smartphone. This also depends on the strength of the cellular signal.

LetsTrack Premium Vehicle GPS Tracker: Pros and Cons

As we saw above, the LetsTrack Premium is a pretty useful and handy device to ensure the safety and well-being of your device. The host of features make this tracking pretty easy while the comprehensive analysis is pretty useful in ensuring that you have the current and real-time data about your vehicle.

Letstrack Premium Vehicle GPS Tracker Review


  • Comprehensive tracking
  • Parking and anti-towaway alerts
  • Instant engine cut-off
  • Respectable Accuracy
  • Clean installation
  • Notifications
  • Social networking options


  • Dependency on Google Maps
  • UI does not feel modern
  • SOS to police is a paid feature

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LetsTrack Premium Vehicle GPS Tracker: Price and Availability

Letstrack Premium Vehicle GPS Tracker Review

As noted above, LetsTrack Premium is a highly useful device if you want to ensure the safe and smooth running of your vehicle. You can also utilize it if you own a large fleet of commercial vehicles and want to monitor the performance of vehicles as well their drivers. Among its other use cases is the ability to track vehicles in cases of emergency.

You can purchase the LetsTrack Premium from the official website for Rs 8,999 while if you want the model with fuel measurements, you’ll have to shell Rs 1,000 extra. Please note that a year’s subscription of cellular services is free with the purchase and you’ll have to pay Rs 1,200 for a year or Rs 1,800 for two years after the completion of the first year.

If you’re looking for other options, you may take a look at Optimus 2.0 by Optimus Tracker (Rs 10,018), although you might have some issues while seeking after-sales services since the company is not based in India. SAM GPS Security Pro (Rs 5,990) is another option which is cheaper and seemingly easier to install but it does not come with a crucial feature i.e. engine cut-off. More affordable options can also be bought online but there is no guarantee of their quality.

Buy LetsTrack Premium Vehicle GPS Tracker from official website (Rs 8,999)

Pros and Cons
Final Verdict
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