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5 LastPass Alternatives For Protecting Your Passwords

Chances are pretty high that online users do not possess a strong password, which is pretty hard to reverse engineer or to crack it by mere guessing. With the rise of the number of online applications and services which require your login credentials, it has become harder than ever to efficiently manage your passwords. It is not advisable to use a single password across all of your online accounts and that makes it even harder to remember the password of that obscure service used only once in awhile. To make all of this fuss easy on online users, we have witnessed the rise in demand for password managers.

These tools are available for all of your mobile and desktop devices and what’s best is that most of them also offer their own extensions for different web browsers. These password management services act as a digital vault to hold all of your valuable access keys at a single place. Be it in auto-filling of online forms or to help you login to your account, these tools are a blessing in disguise. While there are many open-source and premium password management service, one of the most notable such service and our point of concern is the LastPass password management utility.

Why Alternatives to LastPass?

As we talk about LastPass as a password management, it is worth mentioning that this utility has recently been acquired by LogMeIn for $125 Million. After having acquired another password management service, Meldium last September, LogMeIn is now closing in on a deal for LastPass. Although the remote computing company is tight-lipped on the long-term future of LastPass, it has confirmed that as for now, LastPass will remain active. The plans for a merger of LastPass and Meldium are ongoing and users are furious about this acquisition. Although LastPass has confirmed that the sale would not affect their operations in any manner, there are certain factors to be considered when such things happen in the tech circle.

Also, LastPass was recently hacked in June 2015, and the hackers’ doing away with all of the users passwords and the company sending an Email to their users of the breach three days later! LogMeIn also has a pretty bad rep in the tech industry with their sudden discontinuation of their free services and requiring users to discontinue their accounts or switch to a premium account, in just 7 days time. Although it is entirely up to users to decide for themselves regarding making the move, here are some of the best LastPass alternatives for your password management activity.

How to export your data from LastPass Account

  1. Login to your LastPass account online.
  2. Head over to the right sidebar and find ‘Tools‘.
  3. Under ‘Tools‘, select ‘Advanced Tools‘.
  4. Here you’ll find the option to export your data by hitting the ‘Export‘ button.
  5. Choose all of the platforms that are synced with your LastPass account and save it as a text note or a .csv export.

5 Best LastPass Alternatives to consider

Once you’ve decided to do away with LastPass for storing all of your online passwords and form data, it is the time that you look up better alternatives. Here are 5 of the best LastPass alternatives you can consider enhancing your password and data security on the web.


1Password is one of the biggest competitors of LastPass. It has already made the most of present situation of LastPass and its users. Although an unusual coincidence, AgileBits, the developers of 1Password are celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness month, offering users a 40% discount on their Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android applications. Available for all major web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera; Windows, Mac OS X, Android & iOS mobile apps and desktop applications, 1Password is the perfect LastPass alternative for all of your password management needs.

1Password requires its users to get started with a strong Master password, which will hold the passwords of all of your other online profiles and tools. 1Password application directs you to their web browser extensions page, to let you sync all your activity across all your devices. Entering login credentials would create a popup window asking if you want to sync this credentials to your 1Password account. The browser extension of 1Password lets users choose a relevant stored password for a certain online account. To access all of your information at a single place, use the 1Password desktop application, login with your master password, and you can access all of your passwords, perfectly organized according to your needs. It also allows users to create folders and manage them by the addition of new login credentials or form autofill data.

Probably the best feature of 1Password is the ‘Security Audit‘ feature which could be accessed at the bottom of your 1Password account page. This feature searches through all of your saved login data and prompts about login credentials which are a bit weak, outdated or possessing security threats. Using 1Password, you can also change your passwords of different accounts directly from the tool itself! The ability to create secure notes, for your Credit Card or Bank account details and Extra vaults for storing of your valuable documents, are additional features of 1Password that easily make it the best LastPass alternative.

Plans and Pricing: $41 for Mac and Windows bundle, $29.99 for an individual licence; Free Android and iOS mobile apps. (Full list of Plans and Pricing)


Another great LastPass alternative is KeePass, the open-source solution to password management. Supported on all major platforms like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Android, iOS, Blackberry and Java mobile phone applications (some Unofficial Ports); Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browser extension support, KeePass is one of the best free password management utilities.

KeePass offers Password strength reports that updates users on the safety of their passwords. Although the tool operates perfectly as expected, it still lacks the ease of syncing your passwords and data across multiple devices. The best thing about KeePass is the way it handles your application autofill data and passwords. Among the best things about KeePass is their flexible password generator that takes into consideration many things to get it right and safe for you. With tons of plugins and add-ons available for the tool, KeePass is one of the most secure and flexible password management utility.

Although not entirely catered for the average internet user, KeePass requires some amount of technical expertise to get it right. Password groups, multi-language support, entire database encryption, SHA-256 One-way secure Hash encryption algorithm, import and export your data, autofill sign up and login forms, and password suggestion/generator are some of the key notable features of KeePass which make it a great free password manager.

Plans and Pricing: Free.


Dashlane is another LastPass alternative that offers both free and premium tools for password management. In addition to password management, Dashlane offers support for securing your online digital payments. Dashlane’s Digital Wallet securely stores your payment information and helps you access it at a later point of time. It’s security dashboard is a beauty. The dashboard provides latest updates on your passwords, alerts users of a security breach and holds all of your passwords in a secure vault. Supported across Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS; Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari browser extensions, Dashlane offers one of the best cross-platform compatibility.

Dashlane and its different applications & extensions across different devices, web browsers make it easy for users to autofill tedious forms in a few clicks. Making use of AES-256 encryption standards, Dashlane offers one of the best security for your passwords and other data. Dashlane makes it easier for the users to sync all of the data across different devices easily. Although there is a limit on the syncing of data between devices on the Dashlane’s free service, their premium services offer unlimited syncing between devices. Dashlane premium also allows users to share information and other data with other individuals. Dashlane Premium features an online dashboard, which allows users to access, change and store passwords from the web interface. It also lets allows users to log into websites and autofill forms on Safari easily by storing the user’s fingerprints!

Plans and Pricing: Free; $39.99/year Premium plan.

Sticky Password

Sticky Password is another notable LastPass alternatives, offering users maximum support and security online. With support for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS; and Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and 12 other web browsers, Sticky Password offers the best cross-platform support for password storage and security. Sticky Password features a single master password, which controls your digital vault, storing all of your online information. A password generator, auto-filling up of forms, credit card information security and storage, database auto-lock, synchronization via local WiFi and cloud platform are some of the key features of Sticky Password.

With industry-standard AES-256 encryption and fingerprint scans saving, Sticky Password is a powerful, feature-rich password management utility, backed by an interface which is pretty easy-to-use for everyone. With excellent platform support and better syncing capabilities than most of the password management utilities, Sticky Password is one of the most recommended LastPass alternatives on the web for a reason!

Plans and Pricing: Free; $19.99/year.


RoboForm is another LastPass alternatives that offer users the best password security on the web. RoboForm helps users to keep their passwords and other data in sync across multiple devices, across multiple platforms. Supported across Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android; Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera, it offers the best flexibility in storing, syncing and backing up of all of your confidential data.

RoboForm also offers a password generator and industry standard AES-256 algorithm. The homepage of RoboForm allows users to access all of their most accessed tools & services and also supports multiple logins at a single time. Hate filling long, repetitive and tedious forms? RoboForm offers the best support for easy auto-filling of lengthy forms. RoboForm Premium or RoboForm Everywhere allows users to run a single installation of a licensed RoboForm software across all of one’s devices. RoboForm Everywhere offers unlimited logins, form filling, backup, password generations and much more.

Plans and Pricing: Free; $9.95 for 1st year, $19.95/year.

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As we come to the end of this list of the best LastPass Alternatives for your password and data security on the web, do you make use of a password security utility? Have we missed any of your favourite tool in the list above? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.

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