Laptop-Based GeForce RTX 4090M & RTX 4080M Desktop GPUs Selling in China

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In Short
  • New RTX 4090M and RTX 4080M GPUs have been listed on the Goofish website, a China-based retailer.
  • These are unofficially made by Chinese companies, that specialize in repurposing laptop GPUs into desktop graphics cards.
  • The VRAM capacity and other specifications are lower than the desktop variants of these cards.

Nvidia released the mobile versions of its RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 graphics cards back in early 2023. However, we are now seeing GPUs meant for laptops being repurposed as desktop units!

This was spotted on Goofish (a China-based online retailer). It turns out that companies have been found selling laptop versions of Nvidia GPUs, the RTX 4090M & RTX 4080M, but for desktops.

The ‘new’ RTX 4090M graphics card for desktops features 16GB GDDR6 memory. Many desktop RTX 4090s have been repurposed in the thousands to allegedly empower the AI computing infrastructure of China. This comes after US sanctions banned the sale of several powerful Nvidia GPUs in the country. Apart from the China-exclusive RTX 4090 D, PC gamers from the country can also buy the RTX 4090 M now.

This repurposed RTX 4080M costs 2800 to 3000 CN¥, which is around $400 in the US. The RTX 4090M is shown to be listed at 13800 CN¥, which comes at a staggering price of ($1900+). It looks like this RTX 4090M, while being based on a laptop GPU, is somehow more expensive than the desktop variant. Even the new RTX 4090 D for China costs 800 CN¥ less, making it a much better deal.

rtx 4080m and rtx 4090m laptop gpu repurposed as desktop graphics card and selling in china marketplace goofish
Source: Goofish, via Videocardz

It is quite a weird rendition of what was previously a laptop GPU. There are some advantages to buying a card like this, but it’s probably not worth it. This laptop RTX 4090M consumes way less power, only needing a dual fan to keep things cool. We have previously witnessed special Chinese companies like these converting laptop GPUs into fully-fledged desktop cards, on the previous-gen RTX 20/30 Series.

However, the performance of these mobile RTX 40 graphics cards is also lower. The CUDA core count and VRAM both have been reduced. The RTX 4080M, as shown in the Goofish listing, has 12GB GDDR6 VRAM capacity as compared to 16GB on the actual desktop RTX 4080.

The Nvidia branding on these cards, as put on the fans, also looks quite fishy. This is because these are not actual GPUs made by an official AIB partner of Nvidia. Official brands include MSI, Gigabyte, Asus, and more. It is quite hard to judge whether or not the manufacturer’s warranty is provided, but we assume not.

Even for gamers in China, buying these GPUs is better for hobbyists who specifically seek a card made like this. Most PC gamers should be looking at the RTX 4070 instead of this RTX 4080M or 4090M GPU. Nvidia also launched a cheaper RTX 4080 Super, along with other updated models, at CES 2024.

What are your thoughts on the RTX 4090M and RTX 4080M laptop GPUs being sold as desktop cards in China? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE Videocardz
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