Krafton Will Permanently Ban Mobile Devices of Cheaters in BGMI

Krafton Will Now Ban Mobile Devices of Cheaters in BGMI

Much like other online multiplayer games, Krafton’s uber-popular mobile FPS title Battlegrounds Mobile India, aka BGMI, also has its fair share of cheaters and hackers. Although Krafton has banned millions of player accounts for cheating over time, the company is now taking stricter actions to deal with cheaters in BGMI. Hence, the company has recently announced that it will start banning mobile devices to curb cheating and deliver fair gameplay for other players.

Krafton Will Hardware-Ban Cheaters in BGMI

Now, for those unaware, cheating and the use of illegal programs like aimbots and wall-hacks have been prevalent in BGMI. Players often rely on cheats and hacks to win matches unfairly. Krafton has banned millions of player accounts to punish the cheaters and restrict them from playing the game. However, once an account of a player gets banned, they create another one and join the game to cheat again.

To permanently stop this cycle and restrict cheaters from playing BGMI, Krafton recently took to Instagram to announce that it will now ban mobile devices along with BGMI accounts of players, which will permanently restrict cheaters from playing the game. That means it will place a hardware ban on such players, which will prevent BGMI to run on the banned mobile device. You can check out the post right below.

Krafton says that it has established the new banning system to “provide fair gameplay and eliminate the use of illegal programs” in the game. According to the company, the new hardware-banning system in BGMI will make fair gameplay far more effective.

“We will continuously strive to eradicate any unfair gameplay, especially the use of illegal programs to provide our fans the utmost pleasant gaming experience,” wrote Krafton in the post.

The new banning system went live for players on December 24. However, Krafton did not mention any feedback/ reporting system for players whose accounts or mobile devices might get wrongly banned by the system. In that case, players will have to rely on Krafton’s official support page, I believe.

What do you think about the new hardware-banning system in BGMI? Do you think it will be effective? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Pravin jagtap says:

    Battlegrounds dear sir / mam Mobile India Team my bgmi account got 9 year ban notice please fix it as soon as possible becouse I’m sure i have not done any type of illegle activity in my bgmi account still my account got 9 year ban notice. Please trust me I have not done anything wrong in my account, my account very costly i have invested lots of money which are very important for me. so please sir / mam please reopen my bgmi id as soon as possible

    My account details

    My Character Id no – (5440794973)
    My Character Id name – (工MPsʏcʜO1)

    Thank you

  • Sam hatley says:

    Nice joke krafton

  • Pintu Ghosh says:

    Total game is a very nice,,,,but,I think, added something els,,etc- bird,all time game play with bird in the sky,,and and normal fish, litter animales,etc I think ,,is a very interesting and Adventurous for all players good feeling.. also better game Thanku…..

  • Rohit says:

    New pubj

  • Dhruv Mishra says:

    Pls check this glitch then unban my id you will get to know by yourself
    Pls review the ban on my account as I have not violated any of your rules.
    My account was banned without any valid reason. My account was banned
    because of firing M249 in cheer park in circular motion being prone.
    It is a glitch in the system and not my fault. My account has Elite Royal
    Pass. I have attached proof of ban on my account below and Pls unban my account at the

    Account id – 5231792108
    Account name- DARK々SOULS

    • kumar says:

      what are you doing here for PUBG support, this is a news article, contact PUBG support

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