Keepods Is a Nifty Accessory That Holds Your TWS Earbuds in Place

Keepods - holders for TWS earbuds

Ever since the inception of truly wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds in the market, it has completely changed how we use earbuds. Instead of struggling with tangled wires, the truly wireless earbuds allow consumers to wear the earbuds during various new activities such as working out or jogging. However, one major problem that users face is that if the earbuds do not fit them correctly, they often fall off from their ears during a run or a workout session. So, citing this issue, an Israeli company came up with Keepods, a nifty contraption for holding your TWS earbuds.

Keepods: Keeps Your TWS Earbuds Safe

Developed by a Tel Aviv-based designer Raphael Barlev, the Keepods is essentially a pair of flexible contraptions that prevent TWS earbuds from falling from your ears. Barlev used a medical-grade rubberized silicone to make them, which enables Keepods to fit any ear shape without issues.

So, with a pair of Keepods, you will be able to lock your TWS earbuds onto your ears whenever you go for a jog or to the gym. The contraptions will hold the earbuds perfectly in place, no matter how much you move, run, or work out. And as it is made with medical-grade silicone, it will not affect your skin in any way.

Moreover, the Keepods are specially designed to use the structure of your ears to anchor the earbuds and it works with any TWS earbuds on this planet. The contraptions have a unique shape that holds onto three significant points of your ears to secure the earbuds without putting any pressure.

As a result, you will be able to wear Keepods for long hours without feeling any extra tension in your ears. Besides, it comes with a sleek case to store the earbuds-holders when not in use.

In addition, the Keepods come in various color options such as black, white, turquoise, blush pink, and gray. So, consumers can choose from the said color options to best suit their style.

Price and Availability

The company is currently running an Indiegogo campaign for the Keepods and it has already raised over $224,000 from almost 7,500 backers. You can check out the campaign from right here.

Coming to the price, it is slightly on the steeper side as a single pair of Keepods costs $25 (~Rs 1876). Now, there is an early offer that could grab you the Keepods at a discounted price of $19 (~Rs 1425). However, as of writing this article, the quota for the early bird offer is down to only 4 orders.

So, if you are someone whose TWS earbuds keep falling down while running, jogging, or working out, you can surely get the Keepods for a hassle-free experience. Ordering it now will get you the accessory in June as the company will start shipping the orders starting from the said month.

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  • Arre does this whole thing even make sense?
    First take off the wires, then give silicone support ? omg lmfao
    Neckbands are the best of both worlds, acc to me,
    not much wire, no annoyance, and amazing quality too,
    Battery life is amazing, costs lesser than these pod thingies lol
    It’s really the best of both worlds, wire, and wireless.

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