Jio Glass Mixed Reality Headset Announced; Here’s Everything You Need to Know

jio glass announced

Google’s investment in Jio Platforms was surely a pleasant shocker for everyone. But, no one would have imagined that the company would unveil its first-ever MR (mixed reality) headset, Jio Glass, at Reliance’s virtual 43rd Annual General Meeting today.

Jio Glass: Specs and Features

Starting off with the design, Jio Glass isn’t as chunky as Oculus or HoloLens headsets. It has instead opted for a more casual wearable vibe, as you can see in the image right below. These glasses weigh only 75 grams and include a high-resolution display for immersive experiences.

jio glass design

There’s a camera included right at the center – between the two lenses. It looks really odd at first sight but we will have to get our hands on the headset to know better. You will also find a button on the right stem. The details are sparse but it will most likely allow you to interact with the software and other elements in the mixed reality space.

“Jio Glass allows smooth collaboration across devices and platforms to ensure we stay connected,” said Kiran during the demo. You can also share and present your projects in a virtual environment. Another major use case of Jio Glass will be virtual classrooms, which is now essential due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Teachers will be able to conduct a holographic classroom using the Jio Glass.

Jio Glass Mixed Reality Headset Announced; Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Speaking of software, the company revealed that Jio Glass already supports 25+ apps. It did not talk all of the apps but did demo an app similar to Facebook Spaces. Kiran Thomas, the President of Reliance Industries Limited, joined a video call with Aakash, who joined as a virtual avatar, and Isha Ambani, who joined via her laptop.

What about audio? Audio is an important element of any virtual interaction. Well, Jio Glass is said to offer a personalized audio experience via speakers baked into the stem of the glasses. We could be wrong as Jio didn’t outrightly mention the same and could be using bone-conduction technology for audio output. You do not need to attach any accessories and it is said to support all common audio formats.

Jio Glass Mixed Reality Headset Announced; Here’s Everything You Need to Know

One of the highlights of Jio Glass is that you can directly connect the headset to your phone to gain access to Internet services. The company did not detail whether it is a proprietary port or USB Type-C. But yeah, you will need to connect a cable to access the Internet on this mixed reality headset.

The technical, as well as price and availability details, are still missing in action. We expect Jio Platforms to shine more light on its mixed reality plans, share devkits and SDKs to kickstart app development, and more in the coming months. Jio Glass ties in perfectly with the company’s expansive vision of a connected future, which will only grow with the rollout of 5G services in the next few years.

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    looking at how quickly Jio is spreading its wings across all markets (online and on ground), I think this is what Modi Ji meant when he said that we need to become self-resilient. Hoping for best results in the long haul

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