Jio Fiber Lost 20,000 Subscribers as Wired Broadband Market Shrunk in January

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Even as its wireless business goes from strength to strength, Reliance Jio’s wired broadband service has reportedly hit a rough patch after a reasonably smooth start. Jio Fiber apparently lost 20,000 subscribers in January even as its largest private-sector competitor, Airtel, added 10,000 subscribers every month since November. As of January 31st, Jio Fiber is the fifth-largest wired broadband provider in the country with 8.4 lakh (840,000) subscribers, down from 8.6 lakh (860,000) in November, 2019.

According to the latest data from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the total number of wired broadband subscribers in the country stood at 19.08 million (1.90 crore) at the end of January 2020, a slight drop from the 19.14 million (1.91 crore) the previous month. BSNL remained the biggest player by far with 8.23 million (82.3 lakh) subscribers, while Airtel and ACT were the second- and third-largest players with 2.43 million (24.3 lakh) and 1.54 million (15.4 lakh) users, respectively. Hathway, owned by Reliance Jio after an ambitious acquisition in 2018, was the fourth-largest wired ISP with 920,000 (9.2 lakh) users at the end of January.

As for the wireless market, the total number of mobile subscribers increased from 1.151 billion (115.1 crore) at the end of December 2019 to 1.156 billion (115.6 crore) in January 2020, registering a monthly increase of 0.43 percent. At the end of January, private-sector companies, including Jio, Airtel and Vodafone-Idea, held 89.39 percent of the total mobile market share in the country, while the public-sector telecom twins, BSNL and MTNL, had a combined market share of just 10.61 percent.

It’s interesting that Jio Fiber has registered a drop in subscriber numbers even as some of its biggest competitors are mopping up new users every month. Reliance launched the service last year following a protracted period of testing, but disappointed would-be subscribers with the pricing that many were expecting to be as disruptive as its mobile offerings. As it turned out, Jio Fiber prices were only slightly lower than industry standards, starting at Rs. 699 for a 100Mbps ‘unlimited’ connection with a 100GB FUP.

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  • Karan says:

    Service is not good , I put many requests for installation of jio fiber but I received no response. Besides my house jio fibre already installed still they not giving any response

  • K ch gupta says:

    Fiber one month offer nice.
    Start immediately.

  • Pratik Shethna says:

    Jio loose customers and will countinue to loose it if still countinue with stupid plans what it has right now.. it will never work with common man with such complex operating system and high prices. Competitors give 100mbs plans at 7000 for year and that is also unlimited plans and this jion charges 12000 for 100mbs plans that is also with very limited gbs. 2ndly if normal people buy any dish tv that is 3000 per year so total 10,000 for tv+ internet. Both unlimited but Jio in against give same for 12000 with very limited and complex system. If jio wants to stick in market jio has change plan and stratedy or else it will keep falling only few thousands members remain on that plans.

  • Rajesh kumar says:

    Jio is itwelf to blaim for customere surrendering the connection. If you are jio fiber customer you can easily understand the reason. Main reason is jiofiber is providing more than 50 mbps speed over LAN , its speed over wifi is caped at 50mbops. I was very surprised when customere care executive of jio explanied to me and told that 20mbps speed is aufficient for you and you will not face any problem. In case you need more speed use LAN. Our plan says speed upto 100 or 250 mbps but not exactly 100 or 250mbps and less than theae limit is as advertised. I was very surprised to listem this from jio customere care executive. I will also be surrendering my plan once lockdown is lifted.

  • Prabir Sarkar says:

    Jio giga fiber is cheating peoples by giving 90 mbps download and 10-20mbps upload speed in their 100 mbps plan….whereas Airtel extreme fiber gives 110-112 mbps download and 105-110mbps upload speed in their 100mbps plan….so in terms of quality and genuine service Airtel is far ahead of Jio fake fiber services….

  • Sandeep says:

    That’s because they are charging more compared with the other competitors.lets say for the bronz plane it’s ₹1000 and we only get
    200Gb(+200as addon for now) but for others it’s unlimited.
    They are giving set-of-box but there is no live channels, may be it’s worth ₹1000 If they provide live channels

  • Kaustav Jana says:

    Jio is going to lose more customer base. They started the internet boom but it seems like they are not equipped with enough resources to continue it. Beyond metro cities, smaller towns with jiofiber connection available, has pretty bad service. They’re providing nearly half of the speed of their competitors even that speed comes with unstable connectivity. And cherry on top is their poor service. It’s proby the beginning of the fall

  • Anant says:

    Didnt loose customer due to market. Lost because there plans are shitty and expensive than competitors. Simple funda pehle free do fir loot lo.

  • Nishad says:

    Update you article by removing many misleading points, twisted facts.
    Jio fiber is full failure as the charge highest for their data what they provided at their claimed speed.
    Jio fiber plans are extremely costly so people always look for value for money plan from local ISP and other provider. like you broadband, Airtel etc
    Where they got full unlimited 100 Mbps speed plan without any fup at lower price including gst.
    People who own fast internet 50 mobs and above plan can consume large data.
    My average usage is 500 GB par month due to netflix.
    Now a days people are switching to smart TV and online content rather than conventional channels.
    So heavy consumer easily consume between 300 to 1500 GB par month and if we go for jio fiber for those range of usage we have to pay thousands of ruppies to jio which is available in less than 1000 rs per month

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