Exclusive Interview With India’s Youngest CEOs Shravan(12) and Sanjay(10)

Shravan Kumaran and Sanjay KumaranShravan Kumaran (12) and Sanjay Kumaran (10), Two brothers from Chennai studying in 8th and 6th standard respectively are now India’s youngest CEOs.

They have started a company ‘Go Dimensions’ with the aim to develop Mobile Application for new world to make life easier. Till now they have developed 4 mobile phone applications that have witnessed over 10,000 downloads across the world already.

Here’s an exclusive interview with Shravan and Sanjay, India’s youngest CEOs

1.  How and when you started learning programming?

When Shravan was in 3rd standard our Dad got us a Desktop, we got interested to know what is it. Then slowly we learnt to do PPT, in school teachers encouraged us to do more PPT. We also got interested in Animation and learnt PhotoShop. Our Dad started teaching us QBasic 4 years back and we got hooked on to programming from then.

2.  What is the focus/motto of GoDimensions? How are things going on with it?

GoDimensions Vision is To Create simple solution for the complex new Digital World. Many foreign companies have approached us from China, US and also few from India. For partnership in Localization, porting to Android etc.

For ADs, we have provided space and Code to handle ADs, Apple takes care of providing the ADs and pass the revenue share to us.

3.  Since how many years have you been learning computer languages? Which languages/softwares you are familiar with?

Nearly 4 years. QBasic, little bit of Java, XML & Objective C.

4.  A brief description of the Apps that you have developed so far?

Catch Me Cop This is a Game App, a con escapes a prison there is a nationwide hunt for the Con. The Con has to run through Desert, Beach & a Maze to escape the Cop. There are multiple level of this app, with varying speed & cops. This got release in January 2012, downloaded in over 25 countries world over.

Alphabet board  This is a Learning App available on iPhone & iPad. Free Game App for Learning alphabets, a Fun & game way of learning for Kids. Alphabets are shown on the board. Kids can go back and forth, learn and master. Alphabets are taught with a picture so easy understanding.

Prayer Planet This app is for praying God when on the move, these app has 4 different religious symbols that of Hindu, Christian, Muslim & Buddhism. When selected it plays religious song with pictures of that religion. This app was released in June 2012, plenty of downloads in Gulf countries. Lot of positive reviews.

Colour Palette This app is a learning app for kids to learn colours. Colours are shown on a palette when selected the colour is explained and spelt for them. They can swipe through all the colours and learn them.

5.  Any plans for earning money via Go Dimensions?

Right now no plans selling our apps, all our apps are free. We want many downloads and feedback so that we can do better. But we have started receiving money through ADs in our App.

6.  Gadgets you own/use?

iPad, iPhone, Mac book Pro, IBM THinkpad, Galaxy Tab.

7.  Who inspires you?

Our main source of Inspiration is Steve Jobs, CoFounder of Apple for Innovative thinking, brilliant User Experience. Also Bill Gates for his Technical ability & Business knowledge.

8.  Your hobbies?

Shravan: Playing Badminton & Guitar
Sanjay: Playing Keyboard & Drawing Cartoons

9.  How do you manage your time for other activities apart from your schoolwork?

We plan our time and spend about 1hr a day for programming and about 1 hour for games. 1 hour dad & mom says to study.

10. Who is more naughty?

Shravan: Sanjay
Sanjay: Shravan
Kumaran: both are very sweet.

11.  Bragging Rights?

We have performed Live Music show singing in a Live Band, We have danced in School for Michael Jackson, Thriller and won 1st prize.

12.  Some details about upcoming apps?

Some Cool games will be out, soon.

Here’s official website of their company.

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