Intel Plans to Rebrand Core i-Series to “Core Ultra” with 14th-Gen Meteor Lake CPUs

Intel Core CPU

Intel is reportedly rebranding its entire CPU lineup. The upcoming Intel 14th Gen (Meteor Lake) processors will feature a new naming convention. Check out the details below. 

Say Goodbye to Intel Core i CPUs?

Team Blue could ditch the “i” in its iconic Core i-series CPUs with the release of Intel’s 14th Gen Meteor Lake processors. The successors of the current-gen 13th-Gen Raptor Lake CPUs might no longer be called Intel Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, etc. According to the latest leaks, Intel may replace the “i” with “Ultra” in the name of its upcoming CPUs.

An upcoming Intel CPU called the “Core Ultra 5 1003H” was spotted in the Ashes of the Singularity benchmark database. However, the specific benchmark has since been deleted. While we don’t know much about the performance capabilities of the Intel Core Ultra 5 1003H, the leaked benchmark shows it has 18 physical cores and 18 logical cores. It’s possible that hyperthreading may have been turned off for the benchmark run.

While the company hasn’t confirmed or denied the rebrand of its CPUs yet, Intel’s Director of Global Communications has revealed plans for a branding change with the release of the 14th-Gen Meteor Lake processors in a tweet. 

Intel has followed the “Core i” branding for thirteen generations of its CPUs. The rebranding of its iconic processors comes as a surprise. What do you think about the new Intel CPU branding for Meteor Lake chips? Will it bring a massive leap in performance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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