Intel’s Upcoming Arrow Lake-S CPU Spotted; 24-Threads & 3GHz

at intel innovation 2023 event the company talked about upcoming processor
Image Courtesy: Intel
In Short
  • An Intel Arrow Lake engineering sample has been spotted on the Intel-gfx-ci website.
  • It reportedly packs 24 threads and a 3GHz clock speed assumed to be the base.
  • AVX512 was disabled on this CPU, and hyper-threading could have been disabled too.

An upcoming Intel processor based on Arrow Lake-S has been spotted recently. This architecture is next in line after Meteor Lake, which is released on Intel Core Ultra processors. There is no name for this Arrow Lake-S processor yet.

This was spotted by X (formerly Twitter) user @InstLatX64 on the website. Since it is probably just an engineering sample, it is being referred to as ‘Genuine Intel(R) 0000.’

Image Courtesy:

As you can see, this Intel Arrow Lake S processor has been spotted with ‘24 CPUs‘, which is the total thread count. We previously heard of Intel abandoning hyper-threading for 15th Gen Arrow Lake, but it’s not confirmed yet. Next, it has been mentioned that this processor has a 3000 MHz clock speed, which is probably the base clock.

Apart from this, @InstLabX64 notes in his post that this specific Intel processor does not have support for AVX512 instructions. However, it is plausible to assume that this was disabled at this time due to the early nature of this particular CPU.

Intel Arrow Lake: Release Date and Expected Upgrades

Future Intel processor architectures roadmap

According to the roadmap by Intel, Arrow Lake is next in line after Meteor Lake. These new-generation processors are expected to come out later this year in 2024. I also expect Intel to finally abandon the generation numbers and switch to ‘Series 1‘ instead. This is hypothesized based on the company’s rebranding.

Microsoft will reportedly set a 40+TOPS requirement for Artificial Intelligence (AI) speed on ‘AI personal computers.’ It is expected that Intel will smash this requirement with Arrow Lake. Reportedly, Meteor Lake on Intel Core Ultra tops around 36 TOPS of AI computing speed.

A newer manufacturing process, which Intel says will be the 20A process node, is also expected. Later on, Panther Lake is expected to move up to an 18A process node. Major efficiency and performance gains should come with this new Arrow Lake generation!

What are your thoughts on Intel Arrow Lake? Do you think it will be a major update to current-generation processors from Intel, such as 14th Gen Raptor Lake? Let us know in the comments down below!

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