Who is Igris in Solo Leveling? Explained

Igris is the name echoing in the Solo Leveling community right now. Igris makes his debut as the first and foremost loyal soldier under the Monarch of Shadows in the anime’s finale. I assure you that he will continue to be a key figure for Jinwoo throughout the series. So, if you are curious to learn all about this enigmatic red knight, I’ve got you covered. Continue reading to discover more about the origin, powers, and role of Igris in Solo Leveling.

Spoilers Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers about Solo Leveling’s story and characters. So, we highly recommend reading the manhwa and watching the anime beforehand in order to avoid ruining your intended experience.

Who is Blood-Red Commander Igris?

Blood-Red Commander Igris in Solo Leveling anime.
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Before becoming Sung Jinwoo’s devoted shadow knight, Igris was formerly known as the “Blood-Red Commander Igris” or Igris the Bloodred in anime. He was considered one of the strongest commanders of the OG Shadow Monarch, Ashborn, and had a crimson-reddish armor, hence, you can see where he got his moniker from.

As the commander of the previous shadow monarch, Igris was entrusted to challenge and test the limits of the successor to Ashborn.

Igris has always been a faithful soldier to the Shadow Monarch. From the time we met him for the first time, he remained a gallant commander who would go to extreme lengths to prove his loyalty and protect his master by any means. That said, let’s take a look at how Igris became a shadow of Sung Jinwoo.

How Did Igris Become Sung Jinwoo’s Shadow?

Jinwoo went on a job change quest to an instant dungeon where he met Igris for the first time. After an exhilarating battle between these two, pushing them beyond their boundaries, Jinwoo passed the test with flying colors.

As Jinwoo switched to the Necromancer class, he was able to extract the shadow of Igris using his shadow extraction skill. You can learn more about how Sung Jinwoo became the Shadow Monarch here.

Upon his resurrection as a pure-hearted warrior shadow, his master (Jinwoo) renamed him “Igris” since he felt the prior title was excessively long. Igris will start as an Elite Knight-grade shadow and will continue to rise in terms of powers as time progresses. Learn more about the powers and abilities of Igris below in case you are more curious about him.

Heavy Spoilers Warning: The section below contains heavy spoilers about Igris’s powers which will be revealed in the upcoming seasons. Thus, we highly recommend you to read the manhwa beforehand in order to avoid ruining your intended experience.

Igris Powers and Abilities

Igris shadow arise by Jinwoo
Image Courtesy: D&C Webtoon YouTube

As an Elite Knight, Igris debuted as a strong soldier and was able to discover his old powers back over time. This resulted in him taking over as a Marshal grade soldier, which is the second-highest shadow rank of all time.

As a Marshal grade shadow, Igris was a true force of destruction and possessed a variety of skills, including:

Physical Abilities

  • Herculean Strength: Igris possesses incredible strength to overpower anyone in his way. As a swordsman, this strength comes in handy in wielding hefty swords and in swordplay as well.
  • Amazing Agility: Igris is a fast and agile character. This is easily evident from the beginning, especially in his battle against Jinwoo where he easily rivaled him in terms of quickness and reflexes.
  • Remarkable Resilience: Igris is a sturdy soldier who can withstand hefty blows, and it was also noted first in his fight against Jinwoo.
  • God-tier Swordsmanship: Igris excels in swordplay and no other shadow can come close to him in mastery over swords. He has countless hours of experience when it comes to swords and is the most powerful swordsman in Sung Jinwoo’s army.

Magical Abilities

  • Restoration: Like all other shadows, Igris can also be regenerated back into battle by Jinwoo except when a shadow gets torn to pieces by a superior adversary.
  • Telekinesis: Igris has the telekinetic power to control items around him, primarily his sword to a certain range.

That’s everything you need to know about Sung Jinwoo’,’s first shadow Igris in Solo Leveling. Igris will always have a special place in everyone’s hearts as he was the first shadow to get reanimated by Jinwoo. Be it his uber-cool design or his unreal power, he captivates everyone.

I’ve enjoyed his character in the manhwa very much and I’m excited to witness him in action in the anime. That said, let us know your favorite moment of Igris in the comments below.

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