Hyundai Made a Mini EV for Kids & It’s the Cutest Thing You Will See Today

Hyundai EV

Apart from venturing into futuristic flying-taxi projects, Hyundai has also been working pretty hard on electric vehicles to prepare itself for an EV-dominated future. Now, the company is bringing its line of EVs for the…kids? Well, apparently yes. The company recently unveiled a brand new “toy” electric vehicle for kids to experience the future.

Hyundai is claiming its latest mini-EV is the “smallest electric vehicle” the company has ever made and currently does not even have a name. It is based on the design of a concept car, dubbed as the “EV Concept 45”, that Hyundai showed-off back in 2019.

The Seoul-based automakers even made a special video to showcase this toy EV in all its glory. You can check it out right below.

So, as you can see in the video, the car looks super awesome and is designed to make any kid look like the coolest kid around the block (you’ll be the coolest in my block for sure if you have this one).

It Can Read Your Little One’s Facial Expressions

Digging into technical details, the car comes with two DC motors which deliver enough power to reach 4.3 mph (~7 kmph). There is only one seat, which is common for toy EVs and is in the middle of the car.

Also, to give the kids that feel of an actual EV, Hyundai integrated a few cameras and sensors into the front dashboard of the vehicle. Known as the Emotion Adaptive Vehicle Control (EAVC), this system uses a driver-facing camera to capture the facial expressions of the driver and adjust the music and the lighting of the EV accordingly.

Moreover, the unnamed toy EV comes with the necessary sensors to measure the heart rate and respiration rate of the driver, for some unknown reasons.

Now, these kinds of toy EVs are not uncommon in the market. We have seen popular hyper car-makers, Buggati, come up with a mini EV earlier this year. And Tesla already sells a miniature version of its Model S for kids.

So, as more and more companies are venturing into the toy market for its EVs, Hyundai decided to capture a share of it while they can. However, the company did not reveal any date of launch or the price for the vehicle.

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