YouTube Music Recap 2022: How to See Your Top Songs, Artists & More

how to see top songs in youtube music recap 2022

Apart from Spotify Wrapped and Apple Music Replay, YouTube Music has also released its year-end music roundup for listeners. YouTube Music Recap 2022 lets users get an overview of their listening habits, showing them their top artists, top songs, and the minutes they spent on the app. Moreover, you get to see a final card similar to Spotify to share with others online. So without further ado, let’s see how you can view your YouTube Music Recap 2022.

Find Your YouTube Music Recap 2022

Much like Spotify Wrapped 2022, YouTube Music Recap enables its users to view how many minutes they spent listening to music in 2022. Also, you see your most streamed artist, top artists, and top songs in 2022 on YT Music. So let’s dive in and learn how to find your YouTube Music Recap 2022 in the app.

View YouTube Music Recap 2022 on Mobile (Android & iOS)

YouTube Music does not highlight your music recap on the home page of the app. Instead, it’s slightly hidden, and you need to go through a couple of steps to access it. Here’s how to see YouTube Music Recap 2022 on iPhone and Android phones:

1. Open the YouTube Music app and tap on your profile picture at the top right corner.

2. On the Account page that opens, you will see the “Your Recap” option under “History”. Click on it.

3. You will be taken to your YouTube Music 2022 Recap page, where you can click the “Watch now” button to see the story-like carousel of your top artists, songs, and more.

4. Moreover, YT Music also assigns you a music personality, much like Spotify. You can download your 2022 recap or share the same with the world via the “Share” button.

5. Moreover, YouTube is also prompting users to check out their 2022 Music recap in the main YT app. You can check out a screenshot for the same below. It will redirect you to the YouTube Music app.

View YouTube Music Recap 2022 on Desktop PC/ Website

Unfortunately, YouTube Music does not include your 2022 Recap story carousel on the desktop website. You can only view the Recap story in the YouTube mobile app on Android and iOS. The YT Music website lets you check out your 2022 Recap playlist, though, reminding you of all the tracks and artists you listened to this year.

To find the 2022 Recap playlist, you need to head to the YT Music website and tap on your profile picture at the top right. Then, select the “Your channel” option to see the recap playlist.

Check Out Top Songs on YouTube Music Recap 2022

So that’s how you can access your YouTube Music Recap in 2022. With YouTube Shorts available on desktop, it would have been great to see the YT Music Recap 2022 on the website. Nonetheless, the company has stepped up its efforts to compete with Spotify Wrapped 2022 and offer users a roundup of their listening habits. Did you view your YT Music Recap? Do share your top songs on YouTube Music in the comments below.

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