Spotify Wrapped 2022: How to Find Your Favorite Songs, Artists & More

As we enter the final month of the year, Spotify has rolled out its much-awaited Wrapped 2022 roundup for listeners globally. Spotify Wrapped 2022 arrives on the heels of Apple Music Replay 2022 and gives you a detailed overview of your listening habits this year. So, if you had been waiting to find out if BTS topped your playlist or if you are a true Swiftie, now is the moment of truth. In this article, we will explain how you can view your Spotify Wrapped 2022 roundup. Let’s find out what Spotify Wrapped has in store for you in 2022.

View Your Spotify Wrapped 2022

Unlike Apple Music, Spotify Wrapped 2022 presents a sleek-looking story-like interface. Like every year, you get to know your top artists, most streamed songs, and your favorite genres. But this year, Spotify has introduced two new features – Audio Day (how your music taste evolved throughout the day) and Listening Personality (like MBTI personalities). We have detailed all of this and more below, so let’s dive in:

Find Spotify Wrapped 2022 on Mobile (Android and iOS)

Eager to view your Spotify Wrapped roundup and find your most streamed artist? Follow the steps below to find Spotify Wrapped 2022 on your iPhone or Android phone:

1. Open the Spotify app, and you should see a “#SpotifyWrapped” tag along with the “Your 2022 in review” carousel plastered on the home page.

spotify wrapped 2022 on home page

2. If, for some reason, you do not see the Spotify Wrapped section on the home page, head to the “Search” tab from the bottom navigation bar. Here, you will find “Your 2022 Wrapped” stories and the “2022 Wrapped” section on the search page itself.

wrapped 2022

3. We viewed the Spotify Wrapped recap on both our Android and iOS devices. And the highlights for me were the newly added listening personality types, which we have explained in detail below. According to Spotify, I’m an adventurer, always in search of new music and artists.

spotify listening personality

4. Finally, if you wish to show off how your Spotify Wrapped 2022 roundup looks, you can share a recap with friends on Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and other social media apps and websites. You can also choose to download the year-end roundup image on your device.

download roundup

Find Your Spotify Wrapped 2022 on Desktop PC

Do you use the Spotify desktop app on Windows, Mac, or Linux for your musical cravings? If yes, you would be disappointed to know that you can’t view your Spotify Wrapped 2022 recap on the desktop app. Also, Spotify shares a link, but it too doesn’t let you view the recap. You will need to download the Android and iOS apps to find your Wrapped 2022 information.

spotify wrapped desktop

Find Your Listening Personality with Spotify Wrapped 2022

Alongside the usual recap of your favorite songs and artists or the minutes you spent listening to music on Spotify, the streaming giant is also assigning a “Listening Personality” to its users. In Spotify Wrapped 2022, you will see one of the 16 listening personalities, which defined your music listening habits. We have listed all the Spotify listening personality types right here:

List of 16 personality types:

  • Adventurer (ENVU)
  • Early Adopter (ENVC)
  • Deep Diver (FTVU)
  • The Devotee (FNLU)
  • The Replayer (FTLU)
  • Connoisseur (FTLC)
  • The Maverick (ETLU)
  • Fan Clubber (FNVC)
  • The Top Charter (ETLC)
  • The Enthusiast (FNLC)
  • Time Traveler (ETVU)
  • Musicologist (ETVC)
  • The Nomad (ENLU)
  • The Voyager (ENLC)
  • Jukeboxer (FTVC)
  • The Specialist (FNVU)

Personality Traits:

  • E – Exploration
  • N -Newness
  • V – Variety
  • U – Uniqueness
  • C – Commonality
  • F – Familiarity
  • T – Timelessness
  • L – Loyalty

If you wish to learn in detail about the listening personality types in Wrapped 2022, follow this link to the official website. It not describes and compares each personality trait but also details what each listening personality tells about you.

Spotify Wrapped FAQs

How do I find my most listened-to song on Spotify?

To revisit your most listened-to songs in 2022, you can head to Search -> 2022 Wrapped ->Your Top Songs 2022 to listen to your most played tracks this year.

Spotify Wrapped 2022 is not showing up for me. Why?

There could be two reasons why Spotify Wrapped 2022 is not showing up for you. One, you didn’t listen to enough music for Spotify to compile your data and present the Wrapped video. Secondly, the Spotify Wrapped 2022 feature is rolling out globally and should reach you in a couple of days.

Can you look at past Spotify Wrapped?

While you cannot replay the story-like Spotify Wrapped carousel from past years, you can listen to your top 100 songs Wrapped playlists for previous years at any time.

Check Out Your Spotify Wrapped 2022

So yeah, that’s how you can view your Spotify Wrapped 2022 roundup on your iPhone and Android phone. The streaming giant has once again nailed the execution, but we would have loved to see the recap video on desktop/ web apps as well. You can only listen to your Top 100 songs for 2022 playlist on the desktop app. Still, it’s awesome to see a recap of how one consumes music, stumbles upon new artists, and falls in love with new tracks each year. Which song did you listen to on repeat this year? It was Swim by Chase Atlantic for me. Share your favorite songs and artists in the comments below.

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