How to Get Voice Chat on Roblox?

Voice chat has been an important part of video games for the longest time. Whether you are trying to defend a friend against enemy fire or teasing an opponent you killed, voice chat comes in handy. Like any other platform, Roblox could use the wonders of voice chat. And thankfully, the developer listened to user feedback and rolled out Spatial Voice (aka voice chat) to Roblox. voice chat on Roblox through this dedicated guide.

If you are part of the users who want to enable the voice chat feature, we have done the heavy lifting for you. Keep reading as I show you how to enable and use it. While the steps to enable voice chat on Roblox are easy, you will need to fulfill a few requirements before we begin. But if you already know what those are, use the table below to skip to the process itself.

Requirements to Use Voice Chat on Roblox

Since voice chat is not a feature rolled out for everyone (and might not be, even in the future), you need to pass certain criteria. Make sure you check off all the things listed below before proceeding:

1. You Must Be Age Verified on Roblox

Roblox takes appropriate content restrictions seriously. To make sure the voice chat feature is not misused, it’s currently locked behind an age restriction. As such, you will need to prove you are 13 years old or above to use voice chat. To learn how to do that, follow our dedicated guide on how to verify age on Roblox before going any further.

2. Verified Phone Number and Email ID

While not fully necessary to use voice chat, we suggest verifying your phone number and email address as a precautionary step. To verify them both, head to your accounts settings by clicking on the Cog -> Settings on your desktop. Under Account Info, you will see the Add/ Verify buttons next to the Phone Number and Email Address. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

verify phone roblox

3. A Working Microphone

While it goes without saying, you will need a working microphone to make sure you can properly use the voice chat feature on Roblox. It can either be a headset microphone or even your system’s built-in one. Make sure you have that before proceeding further.

How to Enable Voice Chat on Roblox

If you have fulfilled all the above requirements, voice chat should now be available on Roblox. In case it isn’t, you can wait for some time to see if the feature shows up in the future. With that said, let’s learn how to check and enable voice chat on Roblox.

1. With Roblox logged in to your PC, click the “Cog” icon on the top right corner and then click “Settings” in the dropdown menu. You will be led to the Account Info menu.

2. Then, move to the “Privacy” section from the left sidebar.

3. Under the Beta Features section in Privacy settings, find and turn on the toggle next to “Enable Voice Chat”. A pop-up box will now open up to confirm your choice.

4. You will now be asked to provide your consent to Roblox collecting your voice recording for analytics. Make sure you read all the options and click the “Enable” button.

5. And before you know it, voice chat will be enabled on your Roblox account. You can verify the same by looking for the green toggle or trying it out in a game!

And that’s how easy it is! Voice chat is now ready for use on your Roblox account. Make sure to be polite to everyone and report abuse if you hear it. Read on to learn how to use voice chat in a game.

How to Use Voice Chat on Roblox

Now, unfortunately, voice chat in Roblox is not out for every experience. That’s because adding voice chat support is onto the developer of the game rather than Roblox itself. This means a select number of games will support this feature. Depending on them, you might be able to use voice chat or not.

1. An easy way to confirm if your chosen game has voice chat support or not is to simply go to its Roblox listing. Scroll down, and you will see Voice Enabled with a Yes or No label under it.

If you can’t seem to find that, another telltale indicator of voice chat support in Roblox games is the Yellow “Beta” button that appears at the top left when you open the game. If you see this button, it means that the particular Roblox experience supports text chat as well as voice chat.

2. Clicking on the “Beta” button will bring up small terms of service pop-up, reminding you that your audio is being recorded. However, to make sure you can use the voice chat feature, ensure that your microphone is connected to your PC.

3. Once done, hover over the game’s settings and choose the microphone from the “Input devices” tab. Once done, you can easily enable/ disable your voice-in game by clicking on the mic bubble that appears while you’re playing.

Game: Piggy

Few Games That Support Voice Chat on Roblox

Roblox has not released a definitive list of games that officially support voice chat on the platform. As mentioned above, it’s dependent on developers, and hence, might take time. Until then, you can use the above methods to find out if the game supports voice chat and enable the feature. Furthermore, to help you on your journey, here are 10 Roblox games I like that have support for Roblox voice chat.

1. Piggy
2. Flee the Facility
3. Royalloween
4. Murder Mystery 2
5. Mic Up
6. Open Mic Night
7. Epic Rap Battles
8. Outlaster
9. Natural Disaster Survival
10. Flex Your Account Age

I hope you were able to enable voice chat on Roblox without any issues. Now that you know how to talk on the platform, grab some friends and check out these best scary Roblox games to scream together over voice chat. Want to pair up your voice chat with better performance? In that case, learn how to unlock FPS on Roblox using the guide linked here. So how is your experience with Spatial Voice on Roblox? Let us know in the comments below!

Will Roblox use my voice data to spy on me?

As is visible on the Roblox Voice Terms page, Roblox only uses your recordings for safety and moderation purposes. This means your voice will be monitored, but it will only be used to make sure you don’t abuse any community guidelines or encounter abuse yourself. So if you’re worried about your voice model being used for illicit purposes, don’t be.

Will Roblox sell my data if I turn voice chat on?

Roblox claims that it does not sell or share voice recordings with any third parties. So your voice data should be safe from any marketers. However, if you’re still feeling iffy, it’s best to leave voice chat off just to be safe.

How do I report a player who is voice abusing?

Thankfully, Roblox has made it easy to report any player who is abusing you or anyone else using voice chat. Simply, head on over to the Player tab and choose the player to report them. For a more in-depth guide, check out this handy Roblox guide on the subject.

I want to turn my voice chat off. How do I do that?

If you have changed your mind about voice chat on Roblox, it’s simple to turn it off. Scroll up to how to enable a section of the article and follow the same steps to toggle it off.

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