How to See Your Snapchat Recap 2023?

In Short
  • Snapchat Recap 2023 is now available to see on the Snapchat app.
  • You can find your Snapchat Recap 2023 in the Memories section of the app.
  • While Snapchat says the Snapchat 2023 Recap is confidential, you can share it with your friends easily.

As the year draws to a close, like many other apps, Snapchat also has a special surprise for you- an annual recap summarizing your moments on the app from the past twelve months. Imagine a curated collection of your best snaps, memories with friends, and stand-out stories, all in one place. The Snapchat Recap 2023 promised to be a nostalgic trip for me, showcasing the highlights that made my 2023 exciting. Here’s how you can view your Snapchat Recap 2023 aka Snapchat Wrapped 2023.

How to Get Your Snapchat Recap 2023?

You can find the Snapchat Recap 2023 in the Memory tab on the Snapchat app. And while Snapchat strictly calls the year in review confidential, it does allow you to share it with anyone you want.

As per Snapchat, “The recap process will sort your Snaps from the last 12 months into categories that are based on your Memories including Felt Cute Might Delete Later (all of the selfies), Home Sweet Home, ROFL/LOLZ (Snap featuring laughing emoji) Adventure Calls (content taken from your vacations), About & Out, Surrounded By Love, and a lot more.”

With that said here’s how you can view your Snapchat Recap 2023:

  • Open the Snapchat app and tap the Memories button at the bottom left of the default camera tab.
  • Here, you can view your Snapchat Recap 2023 at the top right of your Memories section.
  • Tap on [CONFIDENTIAL] Your 2023 recap to view your Snapchat Recap 2023.
  • You can also share your Snapchat Recap 2023 by tapping on Send To button or you can also post it as your Story.

The good thing about the Snapchat Recap 2023 is that, unlike many Snapchat Plus features, it is available for even non-Snapchat Plus subscribers worldwide.

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