How to Make Energy Elixir in Graveyard Keeper

In Short
  • Energy elixir is an alchemy product you can make inside the alchemy workbench in Graveyard Keeper.
  • It requires acceleration powder and slowing solution or slowing powder and acceleration solution.
  • You can make boost fertilizers with this item and make your crops grow faster.

As you may know, crops in Graveyard Keeper can take a while to grow. And if you need them right now, it can be quite a frustrating wait. However, there is one fertilizer that can help speed up this process. But you’ll need an energy elixir to make it. This item is an alchemy product you can make yourself. In this guide, we will teach you how you can make an energy elixir, how to get the needed resources, and what to do with this item in Graveyard Keeper.

What Do You Need to Make Energy Elixir

To make an energy elixir in Graveyard Keeper, you’ll need the alchemy workbench I. It requires these resources:

  • 6 Wooden planks
  • 3 Complex iron parts
  • 2 Advanced conical flasks
Alchemy workbench recipe

After you construct the workbench in the alchemy laboratory located in the church’s basement, you can make a combination of the following resources in the same order:

  • 1 Acceleration powder & 1 Slowing solution OR 1 Slowing powder & 1 Acceleration solution
  • Energy elixir recipe that requires slowing powder and acceleration solution in Graveyard Keeper
  • Energy elixir recipe that requires acceleration powder and slowing solution in Graveyard Keeper

How to Get the Needed Resources

Now, let’s go over how you can obtain each of the alchemy ingredients necessary for making energy elixir. Acceleration powder requires you to break down either one hemp or one honey inside the alchemy mill. Both of these items will produce 3 acceleration powders or 4 of them in case you have the Master of Alchemy perk unlocked.

The slowing solution is produced inside the “hand mixer” machine with 1 beeswax, 1 hops (of any quality), or 1 fat. Fat will produce 1 slowing solution, hops 3 slowing solutions, and beeswax will get you 4 slowing solutions by default. Beeswax is also the hardest to get, so sticking with hops and fat is good enough.

The slowing powder requires 1 hops (of any quality) or 1 spider web. Break them down inside the alchemy mill and you’ll receive 2 slowing powders for a spider web and 4 slowing powders for hops by default. Hops is a better option in this case.

To produce the acceleration solution, you will need to break down 1 honey or 1 blue jelly in the hand mixer. Honey will yield 4 of these solutions, while blue jelly will yield 2 of them. Honey is not that difficult to get, so it’s a better pick.

Energy Elixir Recipe in Graveyard Keeper

Follow the steps below to craft an energy elixir in Graveyard Keeper.

  • Interact with the alchemy workbench to access its interface.
  • In the tab on the left, select the first slot and then click on either the acceleration or slowing powder.
  • Then, click on the second slot and select either the acceleration or slowing solution, depending on which item you chose first.
  • After that, click on the Craft button at the bottom and hold F until you finish making the energy elixir.
  • Placing acceleration powder in the first slot of the alchemy workbench's interface
  • Adding slowing solution to the second slot of the alchemy workbench's interface
  • Player making an energy elixir in Graveyard Keeper

What Do You Do With the Energy Elixir

Energy elixir is pretty much used only in one way – to make boost fertilizers inside the church workbench. The boost fertilizer I requires 10 peat and 1 energy elixir. It will speed up the crop’s growth by 40%, decreasing the time from 24 minutes to about 15 minutes for most crops.

The boost fertilizer II requires 10 peat and 2 energy elixirs. The crop will grow 60% faster, knocking down time from 24 minutes to about 10 minutes for most crops.

Crafting recipes for boost fertilizers

To apply these fertilizers to crops, you should first use them on the empty garden bed. Then, you can plant the crops, and they will receive the boots. If you plant the crops first, you won’t be able to apply fertilizer to them.

Now you know how to make an energy elixir in Graveyard Keeper. With this item in hand, you can easily create the boost fertilizers so there is no more waiting around for your pumpkins and onions to mature. With that said, waste no more time and get the energy elixir right away.

Can you buy energy elixir?

No, unfortunately. Clotho sells many alchemy ingredients and products, but energy elixir is not one of them.

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