What to Choose in Lady Beatrice’s Offer in Graveyard Keeper

In Short
  • If you betray Lady Beatrice and unlock the sad ending in Game of Crone DLC, you will get the Eloquence perk but the refugees leave.
  • Helping Lady Beatrice is evil, but it is the best choice since you get both Persistence and Industriousness perks, and refugees are safe.
  • Refusing to help Lady Beatrice is the good ending of this DLC. It will make sure refugees are safe, and you get the Persistence perk.

Game of Crone is my personal favorite when it comes to Graveyard Keeper DLCs. It’s so unique and rather spooky in some moments. Not only that but the rewards and possibilities it provides are just incredible QoL features that should be in the base game. Today, we’ll be going through the options you have in Lady Beatrice’s quest and discussing what the best choice is in this Graveyard Keeper DLC. So if you’re ready, let’s begin!

All Three Endings for Lady Beatrice’s Offer

Ending 1: Sad Ending

First, we’ll be covering the sad ending. All of this starts after you complete building the observation tower in the refugee camp. When you get home, the cutscene triggers, showing Lady Beatrice giving you a choice in the Graveyard Keeper’s Game of Crone DLC.

She’ll ask you for help in raising a ghoul army. This ending is achieved if you betray Lady Beatrice. Follow the steps below to get the sad ending. Some choices may vary a little bit, but the point is the same.

  • During the cutscene with Lady Beatrice, you’ll get two options two times. The answer you give the second time matters. So, choose the “I…agree” choice then.
Player choosing between helping or not helping Lady Beatrice in Graveyard Keeper
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  • Then, you’ll need to betray her by telling everything to Koukol. He is a character that appears during the night just left of the Mountain Fort.
  • The game will let you choose this dialogue option first: “Tell him everything about Lady Beatrice.” Then, the game will let you make sure you want this ending by allowing you to select a new option: “Kill the deal and tell him everything.”
Player betraying Lady Beatrice in Graveyard Keeper
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  • Once you do select this choice, you should talk to Koukol one more to and choose the “Ask Koukol to steal the Scroll of ghoul raising.
Player asking Koukol to steal the scroll of ghoul raising
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  • Koukol still won’t be convinced. Neither of the next two choices will change anything.
Koukol doesn't want to help the player against Lady Beatrice in Graveyard Keeper
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  • You’ll then need to talk to Teodoro to warn him of the attack. Once you reach the camp, the cutscene will play showing Horadric and Teodoro talk. You’ll tell him that the attack is unavoidable. Horadric will tell you to talk to him the next day.
  • Go to the Dead Horse tavern and speak to Horadric. Select the “About the refugees…” option.
  • Horadric will say that Captain or the crazy man with dice can help the refugees. But, he was cursed by a witch and the only way to cure him is to let him lick the golden apple. So, you’ll need to give the golden apple to Captain. Also, Horadric will ask for 1 gold coin.
Give the golden apple to Captain
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  • Captain will agree but will ask for 30 gold coins, which is way too much. You will tell him you won’t pay a penny and Captain agrees to help with no additional payments.
  • If you haven’t already, pay Horadric for the “perfect plan”.
  • Then, go to the refugee camp and talk to Teodoro. Choose the “About Captain and your deal…” choice. You will tell him everything is done and they need to leave. You’ll receive your rewards and Teodoro will gather people around to tell them what is going to happen.
Teodoro telling refugees they need to leave
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  • After the cutscene, go and talk to Master Alaric and choose the “Say goodbye” option. You can also ask him about the story between him and Teodoro, and you’ll find out the dark truth.
  • Once you exit the Master Alaric’s tent, no one will be there. You will have no access to refugees or their offers anymore.
Player unlocking the Eloquence perk
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When you have the next sermon the next pride day (purple day), interact with the donation box and you’ll receive a note. Use it and you’ll receive a new theology perk — Eloquence. It allows you to gather more faith from the sermons. It does give quite a nice boost in faith, about 30% more faith, which will be super useful for creating the carved marble and stone pieces.

Ending 2: Dark Ending

Now, let’s look at the dark ending in this Graveyard Keeper DLC. After you build the watchtower, the same cutscene will play where Lady Beatrice asks you for help and you have a choice between accepting or refusing in Graveyard Keeper. This ending implies you fully help Lady Beatrice in her disgusting plan. Check out the steps below to achieve it.

  • While talking to Lady Beatrice, choose the “I…agree” answer.
Player choosing between helping or not helping Lady Beatrice in Graveyard Keeper
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  • Then, you’ll unlock a technology that lets you create emulsions of death. These are items you can make 10 at a time, but 5 is enough for the quest. You can make them in the brewing stand in your house’s basement and they require 10 water drops and 2 death solutions. If you have the required resources, select this brewing recipe.
Player making emulsions of death for Lady Beatrice in Graveyard Keeper
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  • The next step is to take the emulsions to the Mountain Fort. Interact with the guard and give him these items.
Player giving emulsions of death to the Mountain Fort guard
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  • Then, you need to say the right codeword, which is Retribution.
Retribution is the correct codeword
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  • The new cutscene will play showing you and Lady Beatrice having a conversation. She says she’s satisfied with your decision and you tell her you won’t help her anymore. Though she says you’re wrong and that refugees are safe. Nothing else happens for now.
  • After that conversation, you should go talk to Teodoro and choose the “Tell that refugees are safe” answer. Teodoro will give you some decent rewards and will gather the people. They celebrate their victory.
Refugees celebrating victory
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  • You can go and talk to Master Alaric by choosing the “Ask about Alaric’s plans” option.
  • Here you will receive the Persistence perk. It’s an incredible ability that regenerates energy. Yes, no more eating or sleeping is necessary for replenishing energy. This is probably the best perk in the game.
Player unlocking the Persistence perk
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  • Just like in the previous and next ending, you can choose to talk to Alaric again and find out about the story between him and Marquis.
  • This is not the end, though. When you go to the morgue, you will find three bodies inside and you’ll also instantly receive a note.
  • When you use it, text will appear on the screen written by Lady Beatrice. She says that some guards didn’t want to accept the emulsion, so she ordered for them to be murdered. She then requests you get rid of the bodies.
Lady Beatrice's request for the player to get rid of the three bodies in Graveyard Keeper
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  • Most importantly, you receive another perk called Industriousness. It’s another amazing perk that increases the chance of crafting better quality products, be it steel chisels, carved piece of marble, wine, beer, different prayers, and more.
Player unlocking Industriousness perk
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Ending 3: Good Ending

Finally, let’s cover the good ending. To achieve it, the choice you will go for is to refuse helping Lady Beatrice in Graveyard Keeper. Follow the steps below to get this ending.

  • During the conversation with Lady Beatrice on the bridge, select the I refuse. Don’t hold your breath waiting for my help choice as the second answer in Graveyard Keeper.
  • Lady Beatrice will use her magic to throw you into the river. You will die, but as we all know, you’re immortal.
Player choosing between helping or not helping Lady Beatrice in Graveyard Keeper
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  • So, you respawn in your house with her spell washed away. Your next step is to talk to Koukol and ask him for help.
  • When you interact with him, select the “Tell him everything about Lady Beatrice” choice.
Player telling Koukol about the Lady Beatrice's plan in Graveyard Keeper
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  • Similarly to the first ending, he won’t believe you. You’ll need to talk to him again and ask him to steal the Scroll of ghoul raising.
  • You’ll then have two options just like in the first ending, but you’ll also have one more option – “I got you. By the way, did I mention that some of Lady Beatrice’s plans are related to you?” This is the right choice for this ending.
Three choices player has to convince Koukol for help
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  • You’ll tell him what Lady Beatrice said and he gets very mad, but still isn’t sure about doing this. You then have two more options and the one you should choose is “Maybe 3 gold coins will help you change your mind? And I’ll accept the blame if anything goes wrong”.
Player offering gold to Koukol
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  • If you don’t have the gold, you can choose “Wait a bit and I’ll bring you your gold” in the next dialogue option, otherwise, choose the “Do you see it? Gold, beautiful sparkling gold!” option. He says he’ll be there tomorrow night with the scroll if it exists.
Player giving gold to Koukol
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  • The next night, come and see Koukol again and ask him about the scroll. He successfully got it and will give it to you.
  • The cutscene now continues, and Koukol is in front of the Lord Commander and Lady Beatrice. After some explanation and a funny trick, Lady Beatrice leaves and Lord Commander says he’ll leave the refugees alone.
Lady Beatrice is defeated in Graveyard Keeper
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  • After the cutscene, you should go to the refugee camp and tell Teodoro that they’re safe. He will give you rewards and gather people to celebrate.
  • Then, go and talk to Master Alaric about his plans. Just like in the previous ending, you receive the Persistence perk.
Player unlocking the Persistence perk
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Which Ending Is the Best?

So, you’re probably assuming that based on the names of these endings, the third one is the best, since it’s good. However, that’s not exactly correct in my opinion. It does yield an amazing perk and the refugees are all happy and safe, but think about it. Why should you choose the ending that gives you one good perk when you can get two good perks from a different ending?

Yes, my favorite ending is the second or dark one. I have played through both the dark and good endings, and I can say for sure that the better one is the dark ending.

It is called a “dark ending”, but there is no drawback to it, except the morality maybe. I’m not sure why the game rewards you so much for choosing to help an evil inquisitor, but it does.

Yes, it does require you to spend time creating the emulsions of death, but the good ending requires you to spend three gold coins, which is honestly not big of a deal at that point. The fact that you get both Industriousness and Persistence perks is better than only Persistence. You may feel a bit bad for helping Lady Beatrice, but the reward is worth it.

When it comes to the sad ending, well, there is not much to say. You don’t help Lady Beatrice, but the refugees leave, and that’s the worst possible scenario since they are so useful to have around.

How to Play All Three Endings?

You are free to play throughout all three endings and then choose the one you want. It will require you to backup the game’s files before you build the watchtower. So, you may place it, but then go sleep and save your progress. Then, follow the steps below to safely back up and load your game.

  • Quit the game and open the Graveyard Keeper folder. This is its path: C: > Users > “Your user” > AppData > LocalLow > Lazy Bear Games > Graveyard Keeper
  • You’ll see the 1.dat, 2.dat, and so on files. You’ll also see the backup 1, backup 2, and info files below them. You should copy all four of these files to back up the save. Paste them in another folder.
Save files inside the Graveyard Keeper folder
  • Then, once you finish with the first ending, you can quit the game, back up the save files once again in a different folder and make sure you know which ending that is. So, you should remove those files from the game’s main folder altogether.
  • You can then simply paste the files you backed up before you built the watchtower into the game’s saves folder whose path you can find above.
  • Play through another ending and repeat the process for the last ending.
  • All that’s left to do is to leave the files of the save with an ending you like in the game’s saves folder.

Now you know all the choices from Lady Beatrice’s offer in Graveyard Keeper. What is your favorite ending? Do you agree with me that the best one is the dark ending? If not, share which one you love the most and why in the comment section below!

What is the emulsion of death in Graveyard Keeper?

Emulsion of death is an item Lady Beatrice requests in order to create an army of ghouls. It’s available in the Game of Crone DLC.

How do I meet Lady Beatrice in Graveyard Keeper?

The first time you’ll see Lady Beatrice is after you talk to Master Alaric. You’ll wake up and she’ll be there, talk to you a bit, spray her perfume, and leave.

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