How to Get Hemp Rope in Graveyard Keeper

In Short
  • To make hemp rope in Graveyard Keeper, you need a church workbench and 4 hemp.
  • Hemps is a crop you can buy seeds for from Dig. Moreover, you can also buy hemp and hemp rope from Dig as well.
  • Hemp rope is used in crafting recipes for a sword and two candle variants in the game.

As you’re playing Graveyard Keeper, you’ll find there are items you want to craft that require some fairly specific ingredients you have never heard of. One of these items is a hemp rope. It’s useful for crafting a couple of different items, but its source is not so obvious. Today, we will show you how to acquire hemp rope in Graveyard Keeper in two different ways. So with that, let’s get started!

Items You Need to Make Hemp Rope

To make hemp rope, you will need a church workbench and 4 hemp. The church workbench is a workstation you can build after you research the Paper Crafting technology for 10 red tech points in the church’s basement. It requires the following resources:

  • 9 Flitch
  • 10 Nails
  • 4 Complex iron parts
Crafting recipe for a church workbench

Hemp is a crop you can grow in your kitchen garden just like other crops. To do so, you’ll first need hemp seeds. You may find them rarely inside the dungeon or purchase them from Dig. Speaking of Dig, we’ll cover one more reason you should give him a visit a bit later in this guide.

Hemp Rope Crafting Recipe

  • Once you have hemp and the church workbench, interact with the workstation to access its interface.
  • Then, select the hemp rope recipe and hold the F key to craft it.
  • Once you’re done, the hemp rope will appear in your inventory.
Crafting recipe for hemp rope in Graveyard Keeper

Can You Buy Hemp Rope?

Thankfully, the answer is yes, you can buy hemp rope. This item is sold by none other than Dig, the crazy old man living just west of the lighthouse. He sells items related to hemp and also seed oil. The prices listed below are base prices, which means as you purchase more items, the cost will increase.

  • 8 Hemp seeds for 8 copper coins
  • 10 Hemp for 10 copper coins
  • 20 Hemp rope for 10 copper coins
  • 15 Seed oil for 30 copper coins
Offers from Dig

Considering how cheap hemp rope is to buy, even in the early game, purchasing it seems like a far better solution than spending time making it. But why do you even need hemp rope in Graveyard Keeper? Let’s answer that right now.

What Is Hemp Rope Used for?

Hemp rope is mainly used as a crafting ingredient. It is a part of the following recipes:

  • Sword (1 iron ingot, 4 complex iron parts, and 2 hemp ropes)
  • Candle variant 1 (2 fat, 2 beeswax, and 1 hemp rope)
  • Candle variant 3 (4 beeswax, 2 white paint, and 1 hemp rope)

The sword is the first weapon upgrade you can make in the game. It increases your damage from 5 with the rusty sword to 10. This crafting recipe requires an anvil for you to make it.

Crafting recipe for a sword utilizing hemp rope in Graveyard Keeper

Candles allow you to temporarily increase the quality of your church. You can place them in the candelabras and depending on their variant, your church will get a different boost.

The candle variant 1 will give 1 extra church quality point per candle while variant 3 will give you 3 points per candle. So, if you want to increase the chances of your ceremony being a success, you can do so with candles and also with incense.

Crafting recipes for candles utilizing hemp rope in Graveyard Keeper

Moreover, you can research the hemp rope in the study table for 1 faith and 1 science point. Then, you will obtain 10 green tech points.

So that’s all you should know about obtaining and using hemp rope in Graveyard Keeper. What is the better method of acquiring this item in your opinion? Tell us in the comments below!

Can you sell hemp rope?

No, you may only buy hemp rope, but not sell it.

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