How to Make Ender Chest in Minecraft

The best resources in Minecraft are important and scarce, especially when you have to travel around. Even with the best Minecraft armor enchantments, carrying all your precious items can turn out to be a fatal mistake. Luckily, you can fix all of that with an easy chest. If you know how to make an Ender chest in Minecraft, you can leave the fear of losing your items behind. Moreover, it is also the perfect tool to protect your items on Minecraft survival servers. But such a powerful block can’t have an easy recipe, right? Well yeah, it is not as easy as going to the Nether. So let’s find out how you can craft an Ender chest in Minecraft.

How to Craft Ender Chest in Minecraft (2022)

We will first cover the basic mechanics of the Ender chest, along with the location where it generates naturally. So use the table below to skip to the Ender chest crafting recipe if that’s your primary focus.

What Is an Ender Chest in Minecraft

An Ender chest is probably the most innovative storage block in Minecraft. Unlike other chests, Ender chests are exclusively linked to the individual player and can be accessed from any spot in a Minecraft world. You can place one Ender chest in your Minecraft house in the overworld and another in the dangerous Nether fortress, both of them will show a connected inventory.

Moreover, since these chests are exclusive to the player, other players can’t see or steal items from your Ender chests. The game shows them the player’s exclusive Ender chest inventory when they open it.

In terms of appearance, the Ender chest is dark green in color with a texture similar to that of an Eye of Ender. It even has an Eye of Ender etched on its front. When opened, the inventory of the Ender chest looks like a regular chest. It also features 27 item slots. Unfortunately, unlike regular chests, you can’t expand its storage capacity by placing two Ender chests next to each other.

However, there’s an important thing you should know about Ender chests. And it is the fact that your inventory remains secure even if you destroy an Ender chest. You can access it by making a new chest. This makes Ender Chest the ultimate storage option for your rarest items.

Where to Find Ender Chest in Minecraft

Naturally, Ender chests only spawn in the treasure room of End City structures of the End dimension of Minecraft. To obtain them, you first must find a stronghold with an End portal in Minecraft for dimensional travel. Then, if you haven’t already, you will have to defeat the Ender dragon. Finally, after all this work, you can explore the floating islands until you stumble upon an End City.

Not to forget, you need a pickaxe with the Silk Touch enchantment to pick up a place Ender chest. If mined without an enchanted pickaxe, the Ender chest drops itself as 8 obsidian blocks, minus the Eye of Ender. Moreover, it drops nothing if you break it without a pickaxe. So, you are at a loss if you don’t bring an enchanted pickaxe to the End City.

Items Required to Make Ender Chest Recipe

You need to obtain the following items to craft an Ender chest in Minecraft:

How to Get Obsidian Blocks in Minecraft

Obsidian blocks form when water blocks and lava source blocks collide. Furthermore, you need a diamond pickaxe to mine and pick them up. Alternatively, you can grab obsidian blocks from chests that spawn in Bastion Remnants, Nether Fortresses, Ruined portals (found in many speedrunning speeds linked above), and villages.

How to Get an Eye of Ender in Minecraft

While you can follow our easy step-by-step guide to make an Eye of Ender in Minecraft, we have explained the process in brief right here:

1. First, go to the Nether dimension and kill the blaze hostile mob to obtain blaze rods.

2. Then, place the blaze rod on the crafting table to turn it into blaze powder.

3. Next, find and kill some Endermen (or build a farm) to farm XP and obtain Ender pearls.

4. Finally, combine the Ender pearl with blaze power on the crafting table to obtain the Eye of Ender. It doesn’t have a strict crafting recipe, so you can place the two items anywhere in the crafting area. Then, transfer the Ender Eye to your inventory.

Minecraft Ender Chest: Crafting Recipe

With Obsidian blocks and Eye of the Ender in your inventory, follow the steps below to make an Ender chest in Minecraft:

1. First, open the crafting table and place the Eye of Ender in the center of the crafting area. It should be placed in the second cell of the middle row.

2. Then, place Obsidian blocks all around the Eye of Ender, filling the remaining cells of the crafting area. And with that, your Ender chest recipe is complete.

How to Use Ender Chest in Minecraft

Now that you have an Ender chest in your inventory, place it wherever you like, and use it to store valuables. Follow these steps below to learn how to use an Ender chest:

1. First, place your newly crafted Ender chest on the ground.

2. Then, right-click or use your secondary action key to open the Ender chest. After opening it, place the important tools in its inventory you want to have access to at any time.

3. Then, use a silk-touch enchanted pickaxe to mine and pick up the Ender chest. All the items in it will stay intact.

4. Then, travel to a spot in your Minecraft world where you might need your stored items. From mining expeditions to boss fights, Ender chests are useful in every scenario. Finally, place the Ender chest at the new spot and open it to get back and re-use all the items.

Minecraft Ender Chest FAQs

What happens if you break an Ender chest with stuff in it?

The items stored in an Ender chest are safe even if the chest gets destroyed. You only need to create another Ender chest to get them back.

Can you attach Ender chests to mobs?

You can equip donkeys, mules, and llamas with regular chests but not with Ender chests. Moreover, you can’t even use them to craft boats with chests.

Can you use Ender chests with Redstone?

Redstone Comparators, droppers, and hoppers do not interact with the Ender chests. Even the Redstone pistons and sticky pistons can’t push or pull them. So, you cannot use the Ender chests in any Redstone machines.

Make and Use an Ender Chest in Minecraft

And just like that, you have unlocked the crafting recipe of the Ender chest in Minecraft. Now, whether you wish to store your dragon egg after the big fight or stash away all your diamonds in Minecraft, this is the only tool you need. However, it does not help if you die before storing your item in the chest. Fortunately, a new feature in Minecraft 1.19 gifted us an ultimate fix for that. You simply need to craft the still underrated recovery compass, and it will help you quickly find your last death location. Having said that, which is your most prized possession in Minecraft? Mine are the variety of Minecraft mob heads. Share yours in the comments below!

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