How to Make and Use Recovery Compass in Minecraft

Imagine roaming around the various biomes in Minecraft with some of the best enchantments on you. You feel confident, powerful, and successful within the game. But then, out of nowhere, a creeper sneaks up to you only to blast itself and throw you off a cliff. Now, you can respawn, but unless you wrote down coordinates, there’s no way to find the exact place of your death. This nightmare has haunted players for years, but we finally have a solution now. You just need to make a recovery compass in Minecraft, and sudden death won’t be an issue anymore. Sounds game-changing, right? So, without further ado, let’s learn how to make and use a recovery compass in Minecraft.

Recovery Compass in Minecraft (2022)

We are first covering the mechanics behind the newly added recovery compass. But you can use the table below to directly skip over to its crafting recipe.

What is a Recovery Compass in Minecraft

Added to the game as a part of the Minecraft 1.19 update, a recovery compass is a new in-game item. You can use it after respawning in the game. It always points towards the location of your last death, so you can use it to find where you were just before dying in the game. If you haven’t died yet, or are in a different dimension, the compass will point in random directions.

Regular Compass vs Recovery Compass

A regular compass in Minecraft points towards the world spawn point. This is the location where you first spawn into a new Minecraft world. However, if you wish to change the location it points to, you can use a loadstone to assign a different spot to your compass. On the contrary, the recovery compass always points toward your last death location. You can’t assign it to a different location.

How to Make a Recovery Compass

To make a recovery compass, you need the following items:

  • A normal compass
  • 8 echo shards

You can easily make a normal compass by combining 4 iron ingots with Redstone dust. Since it’s a 9 cell recipe, you need a crafting table to make it, as shown in the screenshot below:

How to make a Compass in Minecraft

How to Get Echo Shards in Ancient City

Echo shards are crafting ingredients that exclusively spawn within the chests of the Ancient cities. So, you first need to visit the ancient cities in the deep dark biome. Then, you have to check all chests there until you collect 8 echo shards.

How to Get Echo Shards

There is no other way to get echo shards in Minecraft right now. So, make sure you know how to defeat the Warden before embarking on this dangerous adventure. Do keep in mind that the chests from Ancient city are enough to get the best gear even early in the game. So, if you are confident in your skills, take the risk of visiting the deep dark early on too.

Recovery Compass Crafting Recipe

Recovery Compass Crafting Recipe

Once you have all the ingredients, open the crafting table and place the regular compass in the middle cell. Then, surround it with echo shards by filling all the other cells. The result will be a recovery compass that you can use instantly.

How to Use a Recovery Compass

In terms of functionality, the recovery compass works in a similar manner as the regular compass. After respawning, you have to equip it and follow the direction of its arrow to reach the location of your death. If you died in a different dimension, you have to go there to find your death location.

How to use a recovery compass

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while using a recovery compass in Minecraft:

  • Unlike a regular compass, the recovery compass works in all dimensions.
  • Like other items, it also drops from the inventory if the player dies.
  • You don’t have to craft it before dying for it to work.

Start Using a Recovery Compass in Minecraft Today

With that, you are now ready to defeat death in Minecraft and save your inventory even after respawning. All you need to do beforehand is show some bravery in the deep dark biome. But if you don’t think you are ready to take on the Warden yet, go ahead and read our Minecraft enchantments guide to gear yourself up. And if that’s not enough, the best Minecraft mods are always there to help. Though, you will have to install Forge in Minecraft to use them. With that said, the recovery compass is an item that players have been demanding for years. Now that it’s finally in the game, what other new features do you want Minecraft to have in future updates? Tell us in the comments!

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