How to Hatch an Ender Dragon Egg in Minecraft

Fighting the Ender Dragon is an exciting moment for every Minecraft player. But once you bring it down, the enthusiasm, for many, seems to fade away from that point onwards. Even though the Warden in Minecraft is stronger than the dragon, the Ancient City dweller just can’t match its majestic appearance. Luckily, Minecraft offers you a chance to remember the glorious Ender Dragon fight with a dedicated trophy for it in the form of an Ender dragon egg. This leads us to the immediate question of how to hatch an Ender dragon egg in Minecraft and if it is even possible. Moreover, can it help you respawn the Ender dragon, or is there another root for reviving the boss mob? We are here to answer all of your queries. So let’s not wait another moment and learn everything you need to know about the dragon egg in Minecraft.

How to Hatch a Dragon Egg in Minecraft (2022)

Before moving on to talk about how to find and use the egg, we will first go over the basic mechanics of the dragon egg in Minecraft. Use the table below to skip to the usage tutorial if you are already familiar with this item.

What is a Dragon Egg in Minecraft

The dragon egg is the rarest decorative block in Minecraft and acts as a symbol of your victory over the final mob boss — Ender dragon. Players treat it as a trophy item because the dragon egg only spawns if you kill the dragon for the first time on the Java edition and the first two times on the Bedrock edition in any given world.

But please don’t confuse the dragon egg with the Ender dragon spawn egg. You cannot find the latter in survival mode, but it allows you to immediately spawn the Ender dragon at will. The dragon egg is purely decorative, and you can’t use it for any functional purpose. Lucky for you, you don’t even need the Dragon egg to respawn the Ender dragon in Minecraft.

Dragon Egg in Minecraft

It has the same iconic texture as the Endermen and the dragon itself. You can place it on top of other blocks but not on their sides as eggs, like sand blocks, are affected by the game’s gravity. So it requires a base block to be placed upon. Though, unlike other falling blocks, the dragon egg can’t suffocate mobs by covering them.

Moreover, like an Enderman, the dragon egg has the ability to teleport to different spots when hit by the player. It can teleport within a  31 × 15 × 31 volumetric area if there is an empty area (air block) around it. So it becomes challenging for players to break and obtain it. But worry not, because we have it all covered. Continue reading to find out how to get the Ender dragon egg without making it disappear.

How to Get the Ender Dragon Egg

Now that you know what the purpose of the egg is and how it can act as a decorative piece in your home, follow the steps below to find an Ender dragon egg in Minecraft:

1. First, find a Stronghold in Minecraft and travel to the End dimension using the End portal. It’s the only dimension where the Ender Dragon and the dragon egg can spawn naturally.

End Portal in Minecraft

2. Then, you have to defeat and kill the Ender dragon to spawn the dragon egg. Some of the best Minecraft potions will make the fight a little easier.

Ender dragon in Minecraft End Dimension

3. Once the Ender dragon dies, the dragon egg will spawn in the middle of the main End island. It will spawn on top of the portal structure that leads to the overworld. Cover the portal area with solid blocks to prevent the egg from accidentally falling into it.

Covered Overworld poster

4. If you break it by hand or use any tool, the dragon egg will teleport to a new location. So, instead of mining it, place a TNT next to the egg and ignite it. Alternatively, you can place a piston next to the egg and activate it using a lever or a button to push the egg. Pushing or exploding the egg makes it drop itself as an item.

Obtaining Dragon head in Minecraft

How to Hatch a Dragon Egg in Minecraft

As mentioned earlier, there is no practical way to “hatch” the Ender dragon in Minecraft, as there is no baby version of this mob. However, while you keep your egg as memorabilia, you can use the in-game mechanics to easily spawn another Ender dragon. Killing the new dragon will get you a second dragon egg but only in the Bedrock edition. Meanwhile, the Java players can just respawn the dragon to relive the adventurous moments.

Items You Need to Respawn the Ender Dragon

You need the following items to use spawn the Ender dragon again in Minecraft:

  • 4 End Crystals
  • 28 Glass Blocks (7 for each)
  • 4 Eyes of Ender (1 for each)
  • 4 Ghast Tears (1 for each)
  • Crafting Table
How to Craft End Crystals in Minecraft
end crystal crafting recipe minecraft

To create an End crystal, you have to put an Eye of Ender in the middle of the crafting table. Then, place a ghast tear in the middle cell of the bottommost row. Lastly, fill all the remaining cells with glass blocks.

Steps to Hatch Dragon Egg in Minecraft

If you have collected all the End crystals, it’s time to witness the moment we have been waiting for. Follow these steps to learn how to respawn an Ender dragon with or without the Ender dragon egg in Minecraft:

1. First, go back to the End dimension through the Stronghold in Minecraft. It is the only place where the Ender Dragon can spawn.

Small Islands End Minecraft

2. Next, surround the main structure with End crystals. To do that, place one end crystal in the middle of each row of Bedrock blocks around the portal.

Using Ender Dragon egg with end crystals

4. As soon as you place the fourth crystal, the End crystal will repair the broken crystals that spawn on top of the obsidian towers. Once all the crystals are back, the crystals around the portal and the portal itself will disappear. Now, you have to kill the new Ender dragon to reopen the portal and go back to the overworld.

Respawning Ender Dragon with End Crystals and Dragon Egg
Spawning Ender Dragon (3x speed)

Other Ways to Spawn Ender Dragon

Create a New World

If you don’t want to risk losing your resources, you can create a new Minecraft world to meet the Ender dragon again. Every Minecraft world has its own Ender dragon that you can fight without putting your other worlds at risk.

Spawn Ender Dragon with Commands

The easiest way to spawn an Ender dragon in any dimension of Minecraft is by using commands. You only need to turn on cheats in your world and use the following command to spawn the dragon at your current location:

/summon minecraft:ender_dragon ~ ~ ~

Ender Dragon Egg FAQs

Will the dragon egg despawn after spawning the new Ender dragon?

While the dragon egg doesn’t despawn once the Ender dragon spawns, it can still get destroyed by the dragon. So, it’s best to quickly pick it up and store it at a safer location before getting involved in the main fight. Since you don’t even need the egg to spawn the dragon, it is unnecessary to risk it.

Command to obtain dragon egg

You can use the following command in a cheats-enabled world of Minecraft to get unlimited dragon eggs:
/give @s minecraft:dragon_egg

Does the portal disappear when the dragon spawns again?

As soon as the Ender dragon spawns again in the End dimension, the portal to the overworld disappears. Now, you have to either kill the dragon or get killed to go back to the overworld.

How to Spawn Ender Dragon in Minecraft

With that, you are now ready to have another round of battle with the Ender dragon in Minecraft 1.19 or earlier. But before you do so, make sure you have the best Minecraft enchantments backing you up. Most players go for the second fight to obtain additional experience orbs. If you have the same aim, we suggest you create a Sculk XP farm instead. It is one of the most productive ways to obtain experience quickly in Minecraft. With that said, do you think the Ender dragon is underpowered as the main boss of Minecraft? Or is she sufficient for all the new players? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Yeetus says:

    There is one way and multiple youtubers have done. Another war to destroy bedrock is by the dragon itself. BTW I’m a kid, how arer you guys such noobs and not know how to destroy bedrock?😆

  • Fact says:

    You can’t destroy bedrock but if you rightclick the egg it teleports to the endstone

  • Aiden says:

    Timon, you do realize that the dragon egg is “laid” on bedrock and that bedrock cannot be destroyed unless you are in creative mode, correct?

  • Timon says:

    Just place a torch 2 blocks under the Dragon egg and destroy the block underneath the Egg and when it lands on the Torch it will drop.

    • Aiden says:

      Timon, the egg is spawned on BEDROCK. You CANNOT destroy BEDROCK!!! it is the only absolutely indestructable block.

      • younis says:

        If you right click the egg, it will teleport to somewhere else nearby, then you do the trick @Timon talked about. thats how i did it.

      • ShoreBAREz says:

        bedrock is easily breakable in minecraft

  • Understandably Onion says:

    I personally think that the ender dragon is severely underpowered as the main boss mob. It has predictable movement, is easy to dodge, and with the right techniques, takes a matter of minutes or less to kill. I think that the dragon should remain in the game, but for the main boss, something a little more unpredictable, more overpowered, that takes hours of practice to get right, would be more suitable. You want your players to know they have to be overprepared if they even have a hope of killing the main boss. The ender dragon, however, has been killed with literally nothing before.

    • Mart-mari says:

      Understandably onion. The ender dragon is beating me up and I have been trying for a very long time to defeat her. You should join my realm and defeat het for me. I really just want the elytra.

    • Sierra says:

      I agree. The Ender Dragon is kind of anticlimactic.

  • IrishViking says:

    You don’t need the egg to respawn the ender dragon, every step is correct except for needing the egg. At least in bedrock, I can’t speak for Java.

    • Aiden says:

      i’ve played both JAVA and Bedrock. Neither of them require you to have the ender dragon egg.

  • RhysticLady says:

    Bruhh thats just resummoning/ resurrecting the dragon… The Egg isn’t required…

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