What Is Cherry Wood in Minecraft 1.20

Giving a major boost to the cheerful builds in the game, Minecraft is finally adding cherry blossom wood with the upcoming 1.20 update. The new cherry wood family has everything that makes cherry blossom season so iconic. With soft shades of pink and flower-shaped cut-outs, it’s one of the most beautiful wood types in the game. But is it really worth all the hype? Let’s find out while discovering everything you need to know about Cherry Wood in Minecraft.

What is Cherry Wood Type in Minecraft

Cherry Trees

Cherry wood is a new type of wood making it into Minecraft with the upcoming update. Alongside the bamboo wood, it is the second new wood type introduced in the Minecraft 1.20 update. As a tree, a cherry wood tree has blossoming pink leaves with a hint of green in them. Meanwhile, their trunks are dark purple in color and have a pink inner part.

The same pinkish flowers and the log interior are reflected in the blocks derived from cherry wood. All of them have a cheerful color that can uplift the look of your Minecraft house in no time.

Where Does Cherry Wood Spawn in Minecraft

Cherry Grove Biome in Minecraft

The cheery wood exclusively spawns as trees in the Cherry Grove biome of Minecraft. This biome often generates on top of hills near snowy mountains, and it is easy to spot from afar, thanks to its bright pink color. But if you face any issues, use our dedicated guide to find Cherry Grove in Minecraft within no time.

Not to forget, once you find the cherry trees in their native biome, you need to break their leaves to obtain the cherry sapling. This sapling grows on a variety of blocks, including dirt, mud, etc., and you can plant it in any Minecraft biome.

Items You Can Make Using Cherry Blossom Wood

Cherry Wood Family in Minecraft

While the cherry wood is unique looking, it doesn’t bring any new or exclusive features to Minecraft. So, much like existing wood types, you can use cherry wood for the following purposes:

  • Stripped Log: made by using an axe on the cherry log
  • Stairscrafted by placing six cherry planks in a staircase pattern
  • Slab: crafted by placing three cherry planks horizontally next to each other
  • Fence: created by surrounding two sticks with four cherry planks
  • Fence Gate: created by reversing the arrangement of a cherry fence’s recipe
  • Door: crafted by filling two adjacent columns with cherry planks
  • Trapdoor: crafted by filling two adjacent rows with cherry planks
  • Sign: created by filling two adjacent rows with cherry planks and putting a stick below the middle cell
  • Hanging Sign: crafted by filling two rows with stripped cherry logs and putting two chains on top of them.
  • Button: crafted by placing one cherry plank in the crafting area
  • Pressure Plate: created by putting two cherry planks in adjacent crafting columns
  • Boat: crafted by combining 5 cherry planks in a hollow semi-square
  • Boat With a Chest: a combination of a chest with a cherry boat

Not to forget, you can break the leaves of cherry trees to obtain their saplings. But the same leaves drop as blocks when broken with a silk-touch enchantment.

With that, you are now ready to include cherry wood in your Minecraft house ideas. But the flowering home biome of this wood is not only decorative. As you might have noticed, it spawns a lot of Minecraft bees in itself. So, you can easily make a bunch of bee farms in Minecraft around the cherry trees. Though, make sure you know how to make a honeycomb first to get the most out of your efforts. Having said that, which cherry block is your favorite? I’m a big fan of the cherry trapdoors. Share your choice in the comments below!

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  • Tricia says:

    So far the Cherry Trees are amazing! I found a small crop and built a house near them. Try using shears and cut down some of the flowers on the tree(so they are in a block like leaves), then add them to ceiling inside your house (it looks better with a high ceiling). It’s a nice surprise! Love this new addition!

  • DORENE KIDD says:

    it needs to be more vibrant pink but either than that it good.

  • Mohanad says:

    This is perfect 👍👍❤️

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