How to Get Wheat Seeds in Palworld

In Short
  • To acquire wheat seeds in Palworld, you either have to buy them from merchants or capture a Pal.
  • To purchase wheat seeds, you can visit the small settlement and purchase them from the merchant.
  • Alternatively, you can capture a Dinnosom or other grass-type Pals to get wheat seeds.

Palworld is chock full of essential commodities that players will need to ensure a smooth run. Wheat seeds are one of those items. You can start using them mid-game, and if you enjoy cooking food, you will need this item to create fulfilling meals. However, acquiring wheat seeds in Palworld needs a bit of time investment. Thankfully, we are here to help with this dedicated guide, explaining two simple methods to get wheat seeds.

The process of procuring wheat seed in-game runs similarly to how you gather leather and pal fluids in Palworld. You can either get it from a merchant or from specific Pals, which we’ve listed below.

Method 1: Buy Wheat Seeds from a Merchant

Like leather, you can purchase wheat seeds from wandering merchants in-game. They will sell you the item for 100 gold, and it is the best way to start your wheat production initially.

You can get gold from chests around the map. Alternatively, beating up the faction goons will also reward you with gold.

While merchants generally wander around the map, you’ll always find one at the small settlement marked on the location above. This merchant wears red clothing and will sell you wheat seeds. Once you have the wheat seeds, you can plant them and start producing wheat.

Method 2: Capture Pals to Gather Wheat Seeds

The other method is the same tried and tested method of capturing or killing a Pal for the item. The best Pal to capture early on for wheat seeds is a Dinossom. It is a two-legged green Pal with a pink flower on its head.

You’ll find this Pal walking around the island quite early in the game. Refer to the image below for the exact locations.

The process is simple. You need to craft a Pal Sphere and a weapon. Once you have both the items, start hitting the Dinossom to bring its health down. Once down, throw your Pal Sphere and pray to the RNG gods you end up getting it. If successful, you’ll get wheat seeds in your inventory to use.

You should have some wheat seeds once you kill or capture the Pal. Alternatively, the following Pals also drop wheat seeds in-game:

  • Bristla
  • Robinquill
  • Flopie
  • Cinnamoth

And that is how you obtain wheat seeds in Palworld. Once you get them, you can unlock a wheat plantation at level 15 and set up a farm. From here on, every harvest will produce wheat seeds. Let us know about your experience with collecting this item in the comments below.

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